Rescued: My Bad Mom Hair

It had gone on long enough. Hair grazing the small of my back, with never enough time it would take to style it properly. Oh how I did not want to give in and shear it all off in favour of something easy. Because an easy, short style – not a good look for me. I’ve always looked better with long hair, so I just had to take the plunge and find a happy medium.

Because that picture right there? In all of my naturel glory? That’s what I would look like most days. Rocking frizzy, wild hair – waves and curls untamed and sorely missing any tender loving care in exchange for the demands of motherhood, career and home . And sometimes sleep. Oh sweet, now luxuriant: sleep. Results after the jump!

I guess I’m not all that shy of posting such an atrocious picture on the internets for all the world to see, I mean – it is rather frightful. Which is how I was starting to feel, so I decided to do something about it. After consulting with my hairdresser – I clenched my teeth, held my breath and told her to go for it. Wow. She got excited. I mean really stoked to chop off 6 inches of my hair. I kept thinking to myself, well – I may be freaking out, but at least I’m making someone really happy!

So. It’s done now and I’m feeling like it’s a bit too short (of course), but oh, do I ever love how it takes me 15 minutes to blow-dry rather than 40. It’s lighter and swishier, and shiner and healthier. Why did I wait so long? Because as many mamas often find themselves – I was stuck in a rut. Feeling all sorry for myself, and unattractive.

Now if I could just get my butt to the gym and trash all the Easter chocolates…

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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