Review: The PooPoose Diaper Changing Pad

“You write poems about poo…. this is the PooPoose…. you have to have one.”

I have to hand it to PooPoose inventor Dana Fort: She knows how to sweet talk a blogger…and her product is pretty good too.

Fort sent me a PooPoose, a contoured changing pad with a wide, swaddle-like strap, to test out earlier this month. Its design is based on the Papoose Board, a device used to restrain children and adults for medical procedures.

“Our wiggle free strap ends diaper wrestling matches by safely securing baby, providing you with piece of mind,” Fort, who is also a mom and a dentist, writes on her website.

I was skeptical. Unlike an actual Papoose Board, the PooPoose has just the one strap. That said, the strap is much larger and stronger  than the flimsy, belt-like straps that accompany traditional changing pads.

But would it be enough to contain one rather strong 9-month-old by the name of Scrunchy Face?

Indeed it was. Scrunchy Face has gotten to the stage where he wants to be sitting up ALL. THE. TIME. When on his changing table, he likes to grab on to the railings on each side to try to pull himself up into a sitting position. Happily, the PooPoose put an end to that. Scrunchy Face still tried to pull himself up, but when securely velcro-ed into the PooPoose, he couldn’t get his upper body more than an inch or two off the pad.

One problem the PooPoose doesn’t solve: Wiggly legs. With both my children, I’ve been confronted with Rockette-like kicks during diaper changes. I’m not sure why I thought the PooPoose might offer a solution to that, but it’s something to keep in mind if you think this changing pad will solve all your diaper changing woes.

One other note: The cream-colored PooPoose strap is as soft and fluffy as a baby lamb’s coat. It’s lovely — too lovely, really, because you’ll be rather reluctant to risk defiling it with your child’s poo. Fortunately, it’s removable and machine-washable. Unfortunately, the PooPoose only comes with one so you’ll have to wash and dry it immediately if you always want to have the strap handy.

Fort says that she may start selling additional straps and also plans to roll out special PooPoose changing pad covers.

For now, only the standard PooPoose is on sale. Buy it at Amazon for $49.99.

Disclosure: Fort sent me the PooPoose for free and I’m keeping it because, as Fort says, “returning something that might have had poo on it is questionable.” I hope that doesn’t make you poo poo my opinion.


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