Ridicu-face: 10 Stupid Expressions We Make For Our Babies, and What They Really See

Nerdy mom
Yeah. It's not a good look.

It’s not like we mean to look dumb. But take a glance in the mirror the next time you communicate with your baby. Chances are you look stupid. Everyone seems to know that except for us.

Surely our babies appreciate our valiant attempts to get to the bottom of their issues. But our facial expressions just might be hindering instead of helping the cause.

Behold these 10 ridiculous faces we make at our babies, and exactly what they think of our expressions:

  • Look #1 1 of 20
    Look #1
    Awwww, whatsa matter wit my poor wittle baby?
  • Baby interpretation #1 2 of 20
    Baby interpretation #1
    Are you constipated, Mom?
  • Look #2 3 of 20
    Look #2
    Giggle, giggle, giggle! Aren't I funny?
  • Baby interpretation #2 4 of 20
    Baby interpretation #2
    No, really, Mom, do you have to make a poop?
  • Look #3 5 of 20
    Look #3
  • Baby interpretation #3 6 of 20
    Baby interpretation #3
    So attempting to startle me is a game, you say? And this is supposed to be my idea of a good time? When I'm scared shitless? Interesting.
  • Look #4 7 of 20
    Look #4
    You didn't pee in the bath! Good job!
  • Baby interpretation #4 8 of 20
    Baby interpretation #4
    So, what would the reaction have been had I decided the bathtub was a good place to start potty training? I'm intrigued.
  • Look #5 9 of 20
    Look #5
    Oh my goodness! Look who it is!
  • Baby interpretation #5 10 of 20
    Baby interpretation #5
    So let me get this straight: You're going to keep getting this excited every time you see me? It never gets old? Really?
  • Look #6 11 of 20
    Look #6
    Open up — it's time to eat!
  • Baby interpretation #6 12 of 20
    Baby interpretation #6
    If you're trying to make the prospect of mealtime more attractive, you're going to have to do better than that.
  • Look #7 13 of 20
    Look #7
    Can you tell Mommy want you want? I don't know what you want.
  • Baby interpretation #7 14 of 20
    Baby interpretation #7
    You know I'm a baby, right? That I can't talk? That you just need to keep guessing and trying to get it right until I stop crying?
  • Look #8 15 of 20
    Look #8
    Why can't you sleep all night instead of all day?
  • Baby interpretation #8 16 of 20
    Baby interpretation #8
    You look tired, Mom. You poor thing. Tell me all about how rough it is late tonight when we finally have some time to ourselves without all of those pesky life distractions.
  • Look #9 17 of 20
    Look #9
    Are you my happy little baby?
  • Baby interpretation #9 18 of 20
    Baby interpretation #9
    I'm smiling, aren't I? Don't press your luck.
  • Look #10 19 of 20
    Look #10
    What did you with those crayons on the wall?
  • Baby interpretation #10 20 of 20
    Baby interpretation #10
    I know, I know. My creativity is shockingly good, isn't it? Thanks, by the way, for leaving the excellent art supplies within reach.

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