Road to Redemption: 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Postpartum [Slideshow]

One can dream...

Sure, an all-inclusive in the Mayan sounds delicious right about now. Or an entire day at the spa. We both know that isn’t going to happen, but that doesn’t meant you can’t still pamper yourself.

There will be moments, even minutes where you’ll have time to yourself. Honest. Even if you have more than one child. It’s especially important to find that time, (ask for it) during the post-partum period. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be bossy! Visitors are welcome, sure – if you want. If you don’t want, that’s perfectly acceptable (and even suggested), too.

Those visitors? They should come bearing food, rubber gloves to scrub your toilet and some time/energy to play with your other kids if you have them. Slight digression. Back to the pampering…

  • Indulge 1 of 9
    While your nube hangs with your other half or naps, grab an ice cream bar or some other decadent treat you favour. Then, hunker down beneath your favourite throw in your comfort zone and watch something fabulously mind-numbing like True Blood, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Yes, these are 2 of my guilty pleasures, not so secret anymore.)
  • Get a Haircut 2 of 9
    Even a quick in and out will do, and have you feeling BOSS. Oh yes. I have yet to do this and I'm in need. My victorian forehead is missing it's complimentary fringe. Just don't get the mom haircut.
  • Nap! Shop! 3 of 9
    Not necessarily in that order, but both are equally as exciting to me in different ways. Online shopping is your friend. Dangerous, but oh-so-savoury! Some pretty lingerie (bye-bye maternity knickers), sexy shoes, non-nursing tops/dresses (borrrrring), that you can still nurse in. (Think low scoop or v-necks in stretchy materials).
  • Yoga Classes 4 of 9
    The best suggestion for getting your Wahe Guru on is finding postpartum classes that you can bring your nube to. I joined a group as such and it was an amazing experience.
  • Meet a Friend. Alone. 5 of 9
    At one of those sexy, adult-like establishments you used to frequent before having child(ren). If even for lunch. If even your partner is circling the paring lot, just after you nursed, or is walking with the babe in the park/mall nearby. Now I'm not suggesting shots of tequila and bar dancing (who, me?) Times have changed. But certainly, order a glass of vino and perhaps commemorate about those days. Discuss the epic hotness of Jonathon Rhys-Meyers, what music you are totally digging on right now, (not Yo Gabba Gabba, even if it's true). Make fun of the hipsters in the next booth, muse over the latest fads in philosophy, get heated up about politics. Just don't talk about your tender, leaky nips or slowly deflating uterus. Remember to return the favour to said partner who took on your nube, (or more) during this time.
  • Get a Massage 6 of 9
    As with many of these suggestions, time is of the essence. As is the timing during that time. Ya feel me? Breast-feeding exclusively? Nurse right before you go, have your partner or a grandma or auntie accompany you and hang in the waiting room with your nube right after you've nursed if it makes you more comfortable. Your baby will be fine. And you will be too. Bottle-feeding? Pumping? Well. What are you waiting for? Get oiled up and rubbed down girl!
  • Get a Pedi 7 of 9
    About that massage I mentioned above. Some cities offer mommy-spa's where you can get whatever spa treatments your little heart desires. The hell? Mommy-spa? A magical place where you can bring your little(s) to be with you during some treatments, and to be cared for during the ones they can't be around for. These fantastical places use organic, all natural products; a friendly, safe environment for all. Google up what your local options are! If something like Sunny Mummy is not a local option for you, I know there's a nail spa in your hood. Hook it up any which way you can.
  • Eat Well 8 of 9
    Yea, yea. We know it. Eating healthy is one of the best ways in which our bodies can heal and thrive. Even if you order take-out. I'm not talking fast food, find a resto like this in your hood. MMMMmmmm, green goddess soba noodle bowl come to mama.
  • Weekend Getaway 9 of 9
    With or without the kids, depending on your comfort level/age of your nube. We are taking the little(s) camping for Labour Day weekend to this fabulous little festival in northern Ontario. Shelter Valley. Camping you say? Yes. Obviously this is not everyone's idea of fun and relaxation with a newborn or more, (one more in our case). We are peeps who happen to enjoy it and are joining a community of family and friends at said festival. The g-rents will be there as well as a couple of aunties and uncles. Lots of help for the set-up, tear-down and all the moments in between.

About the Mayan? Book a trip for a year from now. Serious. Just do it. With or without the wee ones). There are some fabulous all inclusives that cater wonderfully to families. Or? A year is plenty enough time to arrange where the kids can stay for the 4+ days you may decide to go off and stoke the central fires for.

Are you new momma’s taking some time for yourself when the chaos permits?

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