Baby Rock Records turn Nirvana into Lullabyes, in Babble’s Five-Minute Time Out

Rockabye Baby! lullaby CDs. These instrumental, glockenspiel-heavy renditions of songs by Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and dozens of other bands are conceptually hilarious, but they’re also surprisingly effective baby-soothers. Babble spoke to Baby Rock’s Executive Producer, Valerie Aiello, about the process of turning hard rock into sweet dreams. – C. Fernsebner

Why did you choose to record lullaby renditions of rock songs rather than hip-hop or Top 40 pop? Do Radiohead fans feel an obligation to impress their musical tastes onto their offspring at an early age that Justin Timberlake fans don’t?

Well, we had to start somewhere. You might see a lullaby album of Snoop Dogg or Kanye West songs sometime in the future, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for a baby version of “Sexy Back.”

Do you conduct any sort of product testing? We like to imagine that you have an adorable lab full of babies in varying states of sleepiness.

There’s no official testing, but we have had the albums around a few babies that we know, and they had no complaints.

Have there been songs that seemed like suitable lullabies that didn’t work out?

“Rape Me” by Nirvana was a great-sounding lullaby, but it didn’t make the album for obvious title reasons. The Beach Boys have been the most difficult to turn into lullabies so far, because of all the interesting harmonies.

I see that your MySpace friends are clamoring for Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Slayer and Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of GG Allin. Are either of these likely to happen?

We have many more Lullaby Renditions planned for the future. Our early 2007 roster includes The Eagles, Queens of the Stone Age, U2, The Ramones, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, The Beatles, Bjork, Bob Marley, Green Day and Black Sabbath.

Is it going to be weird for kids when they find out that their favorite songs have words, and that those words are about blind amputees (Metallica, “One”) or eating your cancer (Nirvana, “Heart Shaped Box”)?

I think it’s going to be cool when these kids grow up and realize their first CD was a Tool or a Cure album customized for their little ears. Just wait till they’re old enough to recognize the song “Closer” from their Lullaby Renditions of Nine Inch Nails album! Hopefully, these kids grow up with a sense of humor.

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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