Roseola, Rashes and Songs about Yeast

So it’s always super fun when your baby breaks out in a mysterious rash right? RIGHT! Because that means Dr. Google to the rescue and in our house that also means that the seven year old ends up singing about yeast infections on a toy guitar in the style of Taylor Swift. I finally had to tell her to “Please stop singing about yeast infections now.” which is certainly one of the stranger things I’ve said in my parenting career.

I don’t think it’s a yeast infection because it’s a little red rash all over her body, not just her bum. My guess is roseola (she was in daycare last week and was sick earlier this week with a fever) or it’s prickly heat rash. My poor babies, they overheat as soon as the temperature rises above 75, which means this is going to be one long hot summer for that chubby little baby.

OR! Or it could be roseola with an entirely separate yeast rash on her bum. Because in our house? That’s how we roll with sicknesses.

I’m not all that concerned, she’s not uncomfortable, the skin isn’t broken, oozing, infected or all that bad, it just looks bad. She’s had a cool bath, more frequent diaper changes and very loose layers of cotton clothing. Beyond that and watching it to make sure it doesn’t get any worse there’s not much I can do (especially on a Friday before a holiday weekend, because isn’t that how all illnesses roll? The most inconvenient timing EVER?)

Just to make sure, I’m stripping my diapers today with a little grapefruit seed extract which is said to kill yeasty beasties dead, or at least beat them into submission to a more manageable level. If this were my first baby? We would have already been to the doctor twice and I would be considering a third visit. Dr. Google would have worked me into such a tizzy that I would have been *that* mom the pediatrician’s office is trained to watch out for.

Gosh I sure am glad Dr. Google wasn’t around as much when Addie was little.

May as well turn this into a game, roseola, prickly heat or yeast? Place your bets! GO!

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