Royal Caribbean Offers Fun for the Entire Family

The number one thing that I’ve been asked since I returned home from our seven day cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas was, “How was it going on a cruise with the girls?” And surprisingly my answer to them is, “Actually really nice.” For many parents a vacation can be even more of a hinderance than a vacation. But I am excited to tell you that on the Allure of the Seas, I finally felt like I got a real vacation. I had a great time and the girls had a great time. There was so much fun offered for the entire family.

Royal Caribbean really has thought of everything for everyone on their ships. My husband and I were able to do things just for us, but when we wanted to spend time as a family, there were things that entertained all four of us. With everything offered during our vacation, I was able to recharge and have time for me and I was able to watch my girls have the time of their lives doing activities just for them. There really was something to offer for the entire family.

  • FlowRider 1 of 14
    My husband couldn't wait to try this surf simulator. There were two FlowRiders on the boat; the boogie board side and the surf side. He only did the boogie side, but mastered it. The girls and I had so much fun sitting and watching him do it that it felt like a family affair. All four of us would sit in the bleachers of the surf side and watch all of the "surfers." There are height requirements for the ride, but no cost. Whether you choose to give it a try or sit on the sidelines and watch, the FlowRider is fun for everyone! In addition to this fun ride, the ship also had a rock climbing wall, zip line, and a mini golf course.
  • Broadway Shows 2 of 14
    Broadway Shows
    This was probably one of my favorite things for "me" on the ship. We put the girls in the kids babysitting area, Adventure Ocean, and spent the night watching the Broadway hit, Chicago. Only available on Allure of the Seas, this show was outstanding. The choreography and singing were incredible. It was such a great date night for my husband and I. It was even better knowing my girls were safe and in good hands.
  • Ice Cream All The Time 3 of 14
    Ice Cream All The Time
    On our first day on the ship we struck gold. We found the ice cream machine out by the children's pool area that dispenses ice cream nearly all the time. Avery had her very first taste of ice cream that day and couldn't get enough. Being able to make my own ice cream cone brought out the kid in me. It tasted really good too!
  • Carousel Fun 4 of 14
    Carousel Fun
    The Allure of the Seas had an area called the "Boardwalk" which made you feel like it was summer and you were on the boardwalk by the beach. What made it even better was the hand carved carousel that was in the middle of the deck. Harlan and Avery couldn't get enough of the ride. Harlan requested to go down and ride it at least once per day. It was so much fun for my husband and me. I haven't been on a carousel in the longest time, but watching Avery's face as she rode it for the first time and I held onto her was absolutely priceless.
  • No Kids Allowed 5 of 14
    No Kids Allowed
    One morning I put the girls in Adventure Ocean and was determined to get some "me time." There are so many pools offered on the ship, but my favorite one was the one offered in the adults only section of the ship. It's open to people ages 16 and older, which meant that it was quiet and relaxing. The perfect place for any parent to go and relax. The views were incredible and I was able to recharge and get a tan!
  • Kids Play Room 6 of 14
    Kids Play Room
    If there is one thing that Royal Caribbean has though of, it's to keep the kids entertained. The entire Adventure Ocean area was any child's dream. This play area was open to kids ages 0-3. During our downtime I'd take the girls up here and sit on the side while I watched them play. It was full of Fisher Price toys that could provide hours of fun.
  • So Many Pools 7 of 14
    So Many Pools
    I don't think I've ever seen so many pools in one place! Royal Caribbean offers pools for everyone. There's a main pool that is great for everyone, a sports pool that's great for a game of volleyball, a beach pool that slopes similar to a beach, and of course a great kids area pool. It was great to just sit up on the deck and relax by one of the many pools.
  • Outdoor Explorations 8 of 14
    Outdoor Explorations
    One of our favorite things to do each night as a family was to explore outdoors in one of the many "neighborhoods" that the ship offered. We would put the girls in the stroller and just walk around. Because everything is open most of the time, the girls could have fun no matter what time it was and it was relaxing for us to get out and enjoy the gorgeous nights.
  • Restaurants Galore 9 of 14
    Restaurants Galore
    The ship had so many restaurants on board. Living in a city with some of the best food in the world, I am always a bit skeptical, but I was surprised at how great the food was. And the best part was that all of the restaurants were extremely kid friendly. Even when Harlan wanted to run around and get her energy out, they welcomed her with open arms.
  • Incredible Destinations 10 of 14
    Incredible Destinations
    Our ship had so many great destinations in the Caribbean. We went to Royal Caribbean's own private island in Labadee, Haiti, which had incredible beaches and so many fun activities including a water park and a zip line. We also visited the incredible Dunns River Falls in Jamaica and had the chance to explore Cozumel, Mexico.
  • Breakfast with DreamWorks Characters 11 of 14
    Breakfast with DreamWorks Characters
    My 3 year-old can't get enough of DreamWorks movies. Madagascar is one of her favorites and so is Kung Fu Panda. You can imagine her excitement when she found out we could have breakfast with some of the characters from the movie. The menu was based off of many of the DreamWorks movies and each character came out and did a dance then visited each of the tables for a photo opportunity. Such a fun and entertaining way to get through breakfast.
  • Pets at Sea 12 of 14
    Pets at Sea
    Harlan had been begging us for the entire week to go to the Pets of the Sea store so that she could make her own stuffed animal. Finally on day 7 we gave in and let her make the dog that she wanted. There were so many animals to choose from and even Royal Caribbean outfits to dress them in. She now sleeps with her pink dog every night and attempts to bring her everywhere she goes.
  • DreamWorks Parade 13 of 14
    DreamWorks Parade
    We've watched Shrek so many times in our household that I have become a little bit obsessed with the movies. You can imagine my excitement when I saw him and Fiona on the ship. They were available for photos and also in the amazing parade that is put on the first and last night of the cruise. Families line up on the Promenade to watch their favorite DreamWorks characters walk by. It was so much fun for kids and adults!
  • Water Fun for Kids of All Ages 14 of 14
    Water Fun for Kids of All Ages
    Most cruise ships don't allow babies with swim diapers to get in the pool, but Royal Caribbean didn't want to leave them out. They have a designated H2O zone specially for kids that they can splash around in. There was even a little splash pool specifically for babies that Avery had a blast in. Because it was only for babies, I didn't have to worry about her getting tackled by older kids or getting splashed when she didn't want to. This was her first time really playing with water and she learned to love it. This H2O Zone was one of the most visited areas for our family.

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 (Disclosure: All accommodations and airfare were provided by Royal Caribbean. All opinions expressed are my own.)
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