Royal Duds: 14 Ways to Dress Your Baby Like Royalty

Kate Middleton is just a few weeks shy of her due date and since the day she announced the pregnancy, everyone has been fascinated with her growing baby bump. We do know one thing. This will be one of the best-dressed babes in the world. I mean come on, look at her Mom. I wish I had half of her adorable wardrobe. Whether it’s a royal baby girl or a baby boy, Kate will most likely mix BabyGap with Barney’s on a budget us normal folks wouldn’t be able to even touch. But still, it’s fun to dream. And it’s okay if you secretly wish some of these come in your size… I know that I do.

  • Just Like Royalty 1 of 15

    Want to know just what we think Kate Middleton will be buying for her royal baby? Click-through 14 ways to dress your baby like royalty. 

  • Cashmere 2 of 15

    Because what royalty doesn't have a little Armani and cashmere mixed together?

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Ave for $380

  • Holiday Dress 3 of 15
    armani 1

    A satin frock will be perfect for all of those holiday parties I am sure they will attend. 

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $285

  • Romper Set 4 of 15
    a royal baby

    Surely you can see the little princess frolicking through Buckingham Palace in a ruffled shortall. 

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $91

  • Designer Classic 5 of 15
    a rb

    The classic Burberry check-overall in cashmere is sure to be a hit if it happens to be a boy. 

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $165

  • Striped Dress 6 of 15
    striped linen dress for baby

    A sweet striped  dress would be so charming and fresh. 

    Buy it from BabyGap for $22.95

  • Sophisticated Style 7 of 15

    Come Fall, a houndstooth dress is a sophisticated style for an infant wardrobe. 

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $90

  • Handmade Slippers 8 of 15

    This adorable crocheted slippers won't break the bank and would be so sweet for a little girl.

    Buy them from Cute Little Things for $18

  • A Gown 9 of 15

    An elegant baptismal dress with matching bonnet made from luxurious silk is sure to be on the list.

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $312

  • Summer Suit 10 of 15
    Fullscreen capture 6252013 13556 PM.bmp

    I can surely see a mini Prince William in a seersucker suit for the summer. 

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $85

  • Ralph Lauren All The Way 11 of 15
    easter dres

    Ralph Lauren will be a sure contender in the little one's wardrobe especially when it comes to a floral pattern and peter pan collar like this rosebud dress.

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $255

  • Baby Shoes 12 of 15
    sperry baby shoes

    Sperry Top-Siders would fit in with the royal family but also in our budget too!

    Buy a pair from Nordstrom for $29.95

  • Special Day 13 of 15
    boy romper

    A simple Christening suit for a little men will create a very handsome style for the special day! 

    Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $120

  • Affordable 14 of 15
    cn6242450 (1)

    A striped terry boat neck shirt with a pair of kickers would be oh-so-cute! 

    Buy it from BabyGap for $16.95

  • Bloomer Set 15 of 15

    I can't even handle how cute the lace detail is on this cotton blouse and bloomer set! 

    Buy it from Little Circus for $99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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