Ruin Your Day With… Breasts? A Music Video’s Hilarious Take on Breastfeeding in Public

The last time I nursed in public, it was a bit awkward. I blame the seagulls that nearly attacked me on the boardwalk and the over-excited pizza eaters on the other end of my bench. At the very least, though, I hope the sight of an ever-so-slightly undressed me didn’t ruin any one’s day, as this tongue-in-cheek… er, breast-out-of-shirt video warns.

In “Ruin Your Day,” a hilarious song and music video from “glam-folk” band Sparrow-Folk, Australian duo Juliet Moody and Catherine Crowley might just tickle the funny bones of even the staunchest opponents of breastfeeding in public. The video begins with Moody sitting next to a small child in a coffee shop, crooning thoughtfully about having a “new ego that comes when your assets grow.”

Next thing you know, the tempo accelerates and Moody is disrobing, covering said assets with just a ukulele and declaring with sarcastic certainty that, “Everybody knows new mothers are exhibitionists/Taking every chance they get to ruin your day with…”

On second thought, typing out the lyrics really won’t do this incredibly catchy tune justice. Just watch the video for yourself below.

It seems like nursing-in-public controversies are never out of the news for long: Witness the recent one at, of all places, <Victoria's Secret. But the inspiration for Sparrow-Folk's song comes from Moody's personal experience. The mom of four was subject to dirty looks and comments while nursing her young son Ollie in a cafe, so "she was inspired to put pen to paper, pick up her ukulele, and show the world how ridiculous it was that she was able to ruin everyone's day" with her breasts, according to a bio provided to me by the band.

For all the outrage out there on both sides, it's nice to see a pair of women making their point in a clever, comic way with lyrics such as, "I'm not going to retreat/To the comfort of a toilet seat/No, no, I'm happy to stay out here where everybody else eats."

But it's the, er, titillating chorus, though, that's really proven an earworm for me. I really don't want my toddling son learning slang for breasts just yet, but I couldn't help singing "Ruin Your Day" around him after watching this video. It's too bad this song wasn't around when I was still nursing him. It would have been pretty meta if I had sung it to him then… and I'm sure it wouldn't have ruined his day.


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Photo courtesy Sparrow-Folk.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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