Satisfaction in Belch Formation.

There is nothing more satisfying than burping a baby.

Well, okay, there are many things that are equally satisfying, and maybe there are two or three life events that are even more satisfying, but in these early weeks? It’s all about the burp. Everyone has their own technique and I employ a number of different burping styles that have been handed down to me over the years.

My mom is a sitting up hand under the chin burper while my mother in law is a classic over the shoulder burper. One thing I’ve learned this time around is that when you’re nursing and your boobs are full of milk and pain? The classic over the shoulder burp must be turned into what I call the “sack of potatoes” burp, slightly higher than the classic shoulder burp but no less efficient. Not to mention that with the sack of potatoes burp you are able to actually feel your baby deflate when they finally let it out.

I find it ironic that we have to remind our six year old to keep burps tame and under control at the table where as we congratulate our six week old for a good, loud and long belch. My dad is convinced Vivi is part frat boy, my body can attest that there were many rounds of amniotic sac beer pong played in my uterus and my ribs always lost. She just always looks so much happier after releasing all that air.

My mother in law also taught me that when a baby has a cold sweaty forehead they have a burp waiting in the wings. Maybe it’s an old wives tale but it worked like a charm with Addie and it works a majority of the time with Vivi, the younger of our progeny doesn’t give up burps as easily but when she does?



How about you? Any tricks to unleashing the burp in your house? What style burper are you?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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