Saying Farewell with Addie's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday

It is so hard to say goodbye. I really don’t want to leave Baby’s First Year, but today will be my official last day.

Did I mention how much I hate goodbyes?

Yesterday we celebrated Addison’s first birthday with friends and family and we had a blast!

She has enough Little People, clothes and bathing suits to last her till she is about thirty now.

After her party I started reminiscing on how she decided to surprise us and break my water three days before my schedule c-section. It was a Friday night and I had just gotten home from having pizza with some friends from out of state.

We had some friends over, and when I stood up to go get something to drink… POP!  I felt like a balloon! My water broke, and my husband insisted I just peed my pants. I knew something was up!

The royal wedding coverage was on TV when we got to the hospital and I was forced to watch bad coverage on their horrible hats for hours until the operating room was free. The up side of it all was it gave me a change to actually try and labor a third time. The down side? It was a third failure and lead me to know, no matter how long or hard I labored, my babies just will never be born vaginally. It was a sad thing to come to terms with.

But in the end I had this healthy and beautiful little peanut. Who is the shining light in our lives since the day she joined us.

She rounds out out little family perfectly!

Before I leave, I wanted to share pictures from her birthday party yesterday.

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  • Daddy and Addie 1 of 16
    Daddy and Addie
    She is a Daddy's girl through and though. All day long she wanted to hang out with her Daddy!
  • Decorations 2 of 16
    My mom always does an awesome job decorating for parties! I loved this little lantern she found!
  • Grandma and Addie 3 of 16
    Grandma and Addie
    I love this picture of them. Addie was clapping and Grandma was having a blast.
  • Ready for Cake! 4 of 16
    Ready for Cake!
    In her chair just ready for cake... a lovely before picture!
  • CAKE NOW! 5 of 16
    She was thinking at this point... Um... where is the cake? Can I have it yet? Stop toying with my emotions!!!!!
  • Oh let me GRAB the candle! 6 of 16
    Oh let me GRAB the candle!
    This is as close as we let Addison get to the candle! She wanted to grab it... of course its fun looking right?
  • Yummy 7 of 16
    Oh so I get this whole big cake? She dove right into it!
  • Oh this is food? 8 of 16
    Oh this is food?
    This is where she realized it was more than just something pretty to get messy in. She started to eat it and that was it...
  • MMMM 9 of 16
    I love this picture... it was probably one of my favorites!
  • The slice 10 of 16
    The slice
    She got a small slice, but she devoured it all!
  • Hands 11 of 16
    I love how her hands are COVERED completely in cake in this one...
  • Looking at Daddy 12 of 16
    Looking at Daddy
    She was eying her Daddy in this one. She was excited to stuff her face! Daddy aren't you proud?
  • Clean Up! 13 of 16
    Clean Up!
    Clean up time! Grandma washed her all up in the kitchen sink!
  • Big Cousin 14 of 16
    Big Cousin
    That is my nephew Dylan who is 15, he is such a sweet boy. I love this picture!
  • Present time! 15 of 16
    Present time!
    Addie was certainly in her glory with all the presents she got to rip open. Out of all three kids she was by far the best and getting the presents open!
  • Birthday Girl 16 of 16
    Birthday Girl
    Her birthday girl hat! She actually kept it on for a good hour! I was SO surprised!

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