Scared of Your New Baby? Don't Worry – It's Normal.

Fear is a normal part of being a new mom
Fear is a normal part of being a new mom

I recently read Lori Garcia’s post on Advice for New Moms: Don’t Worry I Was Scared of My Baby Too.  I have to tell you, she hit home with a topic that is so true to so many moms.

While little Zeke is my fourth child, I have to admit – as soon as he arrived the “what if” thoughts consumed my head for the first week of his life.  “You’ve done this before.” I kept telling myself. THREE OTHER TIMES in fact.

Why was I have a mommy freak out? I know how to do this. BUT. What if (followed by obnoxiously stupid thoughts!)… ? What am I doing? How did I get here? I forgot how to (it’s only been 16 months since my last boy! I should know these things)…  How do I keep him from growing up too quick? And so on…

Last week, I had a coming to Jesus… literally. I have been working on editing Zeke’s video and as I looked at these images from his unplanned conception (pregnancy test, not of the actual conception – ha!), to the excitement telling our kids about a new sibling, to the long months of pregnancy – all leading up to his birth – it hit me.

Everything happens for a reason.

I don’t want to turn this into a religious thing – but for me trusting in God, something I forget to do way too much – was my way to stop freaking out and to get over being scared of my new sweet little baby. I let go of the what if’s and am enjoying every good and bad moment with this child.

If you are scared of your new baby and all the responsibilities and emotions attached with him or her – just know this. It’s completely NORMAL.

You will make mistakes. Not every day will be NOT be perfect. And yes, eventually your sweet little baby will grow up.

I love how Lori put this in her Advice for Mom post:

New mom, parenthood is undoubtedly the hardest job you’ll ever love. I know you want the very best for your baby, and in time, you’ll realize all the obsessive worrying really didn’t make you a better parent at all. No amount of hyper-diligence or overprotection will protect your baby from explosive diarrhea, unexplainable crying, diaper rash, or the sniffles.

Enjoy your new baby. Being a mom is the best job you’ll ever day. A hard one, that you may hate some days… but it’s all worth it.

What Were Your Biggest Fears as a New Mom?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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