Scooty Vivi

Babies each find their own unique way to get from point A to point B. It seems that most babies crawl on their hands and knees. However, through the wonders (and sometimes horrors) of YouTube you’ll find babies that boot scoot, never letting their hands touch the floor. Others bear crawl never allowing their knees to touch the floor and some skip crawling completely in favor of walking. Apparently those babies have somewhere very important to be.

Over the last week Vivi has figured out rolling over as well as rolling back over. Crawling is imminent, that is unless she keeps up with this odd little behavior. (Video after the jump!)

Cody called me one night and asked, “Did you know your baby knows how to crawl on her back?” He was wildly disappointed I already knew about her funny little habit. The habit that requires us to use a crib bumper and leaves us with a little inverted inchworm scooting around our carpet.

Have the babies in your life had their own unique or unexpected mode of transportation?


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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