Scrunchy Baby Toes

If you were to take a survey of the cutest body parts on babies chances are Vivi would rank high on all cute baby qualities. Chubby knees? Check. Furry head? Check. Chubby cheeks? Check. Thigh rolls? Check. Wrist rolls? Check. Block feet? Check and check. When Vivi was really tiny she had the sweatiest little feet I had ever encountered on any human in existence. It was hard to admire her feet given just how constantly sweaty they were.

I am pleased to report she has grown out of sweaty foot phase and entered right into the plain old delicious baby feet phase. I keep them covered out in public because it turns out no one is immune to the allure of chubby baby feet, however today a lady took it upon herself to remove Vivi’s slipper and play with her foot.

Whatever people. Apparently boundaries don’t apply to you.

Regardless, for your baby foot viewing pleasure, after the jump a 6-month collection of divine chubby baby feet complete with scrunchy toes.

  • Big and Little-11 weeks and 6.5 years 1 of 6
    Big and Little-11 weeks and 6.5 years
    Nothing really drives home just how big your big kid is and how little your baby is like comparing their feet.
  • Knee Dimples and Scrunchy Toes 2 of 6
    Knee Dimples and Scrunchy Toes
    Two months and napping on dad under the apple tree.
  • Bumbo Toes 3 of 6
    Bumbo Toes
    Three months and scrunchy.
  • Boppy Toes 4 of 6
    Boppy Toes
    Four Months and Scrunchy.
  • Ruffly Scrunchy Toes 5 of 6
    Ruffly Scrunchy Toes
    Five months and super scrunchy.
  • Red and scrunchy 6 of 6
    Red and scrunchy
    Six months and still just as scrunchy.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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