Second Child Syndrome on Elvie’s First Halloween

When I first started thinking about what to dress Elvie in for her first Halloween, my first thought was, “What do we already own that she can wear?” It turned out that we had two things that would be fine. There was a jacket with bear ears or a penguin fleece wrap. As much as I love dressing her up, I felt like it might be best to just use what we already own. I mean, she doesn’t know the difference, right? The penguin thing hasn’t even been worn yet! It’s like a brand new costume! Still, I felt a little guilty. For Zinashi’s first Halloween, she was newly arrived in the US, but we still impulsively bought her the puppy costume she took a shine to when we made a trip to Target to pick up better product for her hair. Plus, Elvie might not understand this year that we didn’t get her a nice, new costume, but she will understand when she looks at the photos in years to come. So I was considering getting her something to at least make the costumes we already had a bit more special.

And then, well, I did something that was even worse than using a costume we already had on hand.

Zinashi decided a long time ago that she wanted to be a squirrel for Halloween, and when a friend suggested that Elvie could be a nut, I thought it was brilliant. So I bought her something new for a costume, and it was…a hat. Just a hat. A really cute acorn hat, but still. I switched from full animal costume to making her an accessory to her sister’s costume and only buying her a hat. Second children apparently just can’t win, and I say that as a second child myself.

Still, the costumes are pretty cute, and I am hoping that Elvie’s easygoing personality will allow her to better accept in the future that her first Halloween wasn’t at all about her. Right now she doesn’t mind, and in fact, she’d probably love to ditch the whole thing and just stay in for the night, sitting on my lap and being allowed to lick index cards at will while I work at the desk. Unfortunately for her, that will not be what we do. Also unfortunately for her, I insisted on getting photos during the day in case we can’t get any while we are trick or treating. It’s no wonder that none of them turned out to be spectacular. When I look back on this Halloween using these photos to jog my memory, I’ll probably laugh. Please enjoy the worst Halloween costume photos ever (or at least since someone else tried to get two kids to pose in front of a fireplace when they’d rather be playing).

  • A Squirrel and a Nut 1 of 8
    A Squirrel and a Nut
    This is the best photo of both of them, which is not great. But with two kids, what can you do? At least neither one is actively scowling.
  • The Acorn Has Something to Say 2 of 8
    The Acorn Has Something to Say
    It's probably about how she'd rather not be eaten by that squirrel.
  • The Best One of Our Little Acorn 3 of 8
    The Best One of Our Little Acorn
    The squirrel, however, has taken this opportunity to tell a story about Halloween. Quick, stop talking while the baby is smiling! Oh, wait, too late.
  • The Glum Squirrel 4 of 8
    The Glum Squirrel
    The acorn looks interested in knowing more about what Halloween has to offer, but the squirrel just looks disappointed.
  • Don’t Look So Terrified! She’s Just Fixing Your Hat 5 of 8
    Don't Look So Terrified! She's Just Fixing Your Hat
    Little acorn, this squirrel isn't going to eat you right now. She's going to find a nice place to hide you for later! Isn't that better? No?
  • Wave at the Camera! 6 of 8
    Wave at the Camera!
    The squirrel remains unconvinced that acorns do not wave.
  • Our Sweet Little Acorn 7 of 8
    Our Sweet Little Acorn
    Awwww...for a baby dressed in a costume representative of second child syndrome, she sure looks cute.
  • How Elvie Really Feels About Halloween 8 of 8
    How Elvie Really Feels About Halloween
    She doesn't even eat candy, and the wrappers are all too small and chokable to let her play with unsupervised. She's pretty much just wearing this hat for the amusement of everyone else. It's hard being a baby on Halloween. Don't worry, Elvie, next year you'll get a proper costume.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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