See What Your Kids Will Look Like!

I don’t know about you, but the entire time I was pregnant I wondered what that little baby inside of me might look like. Of course, after he came it became incredibly obvious that he was his father’s son (or clone, haha). Sometimes I still wonder if our next baby might look more like me. I wonder if our future daughter (if we have one) might share some of my physical traits.

I recently stumbled on the website, Morph Thing, which can show you what your kids might look like by morphing two faces together. (If you are feeling adventurous you can also what your kids would look like if Brad Pitt was the father, or any other celebrity combination).

Click through to have a laugh at what some of our future children might look like:

  • A Girl 1 of 5
    A Girl
    I have to admit, this photo morph gets me a little excited to have a daughter some day.
  • A Boy 2 of 5
    A Boy
    Could this be a little brother for Tate?
  • A Baby 3 of 5
    A Baby
    I wonder if our next baby will have any hair, but I doubt it!
  • Tate 4 of 5
    Just a reminder what our real baby looks like
  • Something Scary 5 of 5
    Something Scary
    And just for fun, this is a morph of Steve and I - facial hair and all. Oh, this makes me laugh.

Have you ever morphed pictures to see what a future baby might look like?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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