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Squooshi Reusable Baby Food PouchesMy baby is heavily into fingers foods now that she’s 9 months old. Some Cheerios or little bits of fruit on her high chair tray will keep her happy long enough for me to scarf down a sandwich for my lunch. She also likes black beans, bits of shredded cheese, chicken, and small bits of noodle if anyone is looking for suggestions of fingers foods to try. Just make sure everything is small enough to prevent choking!

Anyway, even though she loves picking up food and feeding herself, she’s not terribly adept. A lot of food winds up in her lap and there’s no chance she’s getting enough to constitute a real meal. She’ll let me give her some bits from my fingers and she’ll tolerate a few bites off a spoon but she eventually asserts her independence and insists on doing it herself. This is a good thing in some respects – everyone wants a child who’s willing to feed themselves, after all – but it makes for some frustrating meal times for the mommy who wants to get more bites into the belly than on the floor.

Those baby food pouches are a nice compromise because she can use them (mostly) herself and she gets more food that way. But I’m resistant to buying them because they seem like a lot of money and a lot of packaging. It felt hard to justify. Then another mom turned me on to reusable pouches recently. (I don’t remember who it was – if you are the one who posted about these on Facebook, thank you, thank you, thank you!). Genius! These are like nursing covers with the rigid neck piece so you can see the baby – why didn’t I think of it first and make a million dollars?

Anyway, the brand I got is Squooshi and they’re adorable and easy to use. They’re shaped like the disposable ones you get in the grocery store, only with a zip closure at the bottom. You fill it with whatever food you want and the baby can suck away at them. I like that I can avoid over-filling which reduces the probability of my baby squishing food out before she gets it in her mouth. The caps screw on securely so you can take them with you easily, too. You have to work at it a bit to get them clean but in general, they’re a perfect alternative to pre-filled pouches.

I assure this is not a promotion from Squooshi. I just happened upon the pouches and love them so much I’d thought I’d share. Happy feeding!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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