Selma Blair Dresses Like Her Son, But Does Being a Celebrity Make the Matchy-Matchy Thing OK?

Selma Blair
Selma Blair and Arthur

If there’s anything I like doing, it’s dressing my little girls alike. My mom did it to me and my sister when we were kids — the pictures still make me giggle today — and I’m quite blissfully carrying on the tradition.

It’s not an every day thing. The girls have had 3 or 4 outfits that match and on special occasions, they wear them at the same time. Of course, Peony is only 10 months old so I fully expect the number of like-outfits to increase in time. It’s just so damn cute.

Here’s what I don’t think is cute: When parents dress like their kids.

Actress Selma Blair was photographed this week dressing like her son Arthur in matching striped shirts and white pants. I suppose it was kind of charming, as long as they don’t make it into a habit. I also don’t mind when dads and sons wear matching polo shirts on occasion.

But in general, parents and kids matching makes it seem — to me — as if parents are infantilizing themselves, or they want their kids to look like mini-grownups. Either way, it’s kind of creepy.

The other day I put on a new tangerine tango-colored t-shirt (the most “in” thing I’ve done since I wore a Guess? denim vest in 1984) but then quickly changed after I realized Peony was wearing an orange-y dress. Too close for comfort, and I was hardly in the mood for the inevitable, “Oh, I didn’t get the memo we were all wearing orange today,” comments.

The other reason I am utterly disinterested in dressing like my daughters is it just seems like a distraction from their adorableness. I’m perfectly content with friends and strangers oohing and aahing over my girls’ cuteness. I don’t feel left out. I don’t need to be included. I am secure in being a mom in the background. They deserve the attention. Me? I’m happy to just give it to them, lest I appear like a Dina Lohan, Kate Gosselin, Octomom or Kris Jenner who purport to put their kids first but secretly seem to want to hog to spotlight all on their own.

So I’ll just be over here in my plain white t-shirt. But don’t look at me — look at my girls instead:

I think I'd look pretty silly in this dress anyway


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