September: Baby Safety Awareness Month

Did you know next month is Baby Safety Awareness month? I didn’t. Are you aware of your baby’s safety? Do you need a month to remind you?

The other night we were enjoying a nice family walk through the city. We had stopped for cold sodas at the newsstand by Lincoln Center and found a cute little cafe table on the street and were happily people watching when a cab rear ended a bus about fifty feet from us.

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Nobody was hurt, though the cab driver’s head made a lovely crackled dent in the windshield when he smacked his forehead into it (no seat belt), and his fare was certainly a bit irate as he shouted about being late for whatever he was going to.

But the whole thing made me feel really shaky. Witnessing an accident is a little bit traumatic to the system. I felt jittery and uneasy and a little lightheaded. And of course incredibly concerned for my baby’s safety.

In New York City you do not need a carseat for your littles when you take a cab. It’s not illegal to have your baby in your lap in the back seat. In fact, you can have one child per lap, so in theory, you could cram six whole people in the back of those cabs. That’s nuts! And convenient if you don’t own a car seat, but that’s not the point.

Watching that cab hit the back of that bus, and hearing the crunch of metal as the cab his the back of that bus, and imagining my sweet little dude’s head hitting the plastic partition in the back of that cab was enough to send me to my grave.

Huck and I don’t take cabs terribly often (we prefer to walk, and I can count less than a handful of times we’ve needed one), but we’ve decided anyway, that in honor of September’s Baby Safety Awareness month, we’re not taking a cab unless I have his car seat with me. (Not just for September, either.) Legal or not, it’s just not worth the risk. Sad that I had to basically be scared into it, but you know, whatever.

What will you commit to doing this month to boost your baby’s safety?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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