Shared Spaces: A Look into Avery and Harlan’s Nursery

When I first found out we were moving to New York City from Florida, I had just put the finishing touches on my oldest daughter’s nursery. We worked tirelessly on it for nearly the entire nine months. It was the best room in the house and quickly became my favorite. Although Harlan wasn’t in it for long, I made sure to spend as much time in there as possible so that I could savor every moment.

When we moved to New York City, Harlan’s nursery was considerably smaller, but I knew that I still wanted to make it just as special. I brought many of the things that we had in her nursery in Florida. When Avery came along, I knew the girls were going to share the space. I wanted to make sure that Harlan still felt like it was her room, but also that Avery was welcome as well.

It’s taken nearly a year, but their shared space is finally coming together. I am really starting to love their room and I know they are too. It’s where they spend most of their time playing together and laughing. It truly is a room for two.

  • Room for Two 1 of 20
    Room for Two
    Take a tour of Harlan and Avery's nursery!
  • Shared Spaces 2 of 20
    Shared Spaces
    Their nursery continues to be a work in progress, but I am so happy with the way that it's becoming something that is both of the girls.
  • Avery’s Space 3 of 20
    Avery's Space
    Avery's crib is on one side of the wall and Harlan's bed is on the other side. Avery loves her crib and her space. She is always hiding things in her crib to try to keep them away from her sister.
  • A Little Bit of Avery 4 of 20
    A Little Bit of Avery
    I love that Avery has a little bit of her above her room. I painted the letter above her crib and the poster is a custom poster that I filled out with all of her milestones from the first year.
  • Harlan’s Space 5 of 20
    Harlan's Space
    Harlan loves having her own big girl bed. She knows that it's her space and loves to just sit on her bed and read.
  • Toddler Bed 6 of 20
    Toddler Bed
    We moved Harlan into a toddler bed when she was two and I plan on doing the same with Avery. It's the perfect size for their little room.
  • Storage 7 of 20
    Living in a small apartment, I am always looking for storage. I bought these baskets before Harlan was born and love them. They store all of Harlan's little toys and fit perfectly under her bed. They make for easy clean up as well!
  • A Little Bit of Harlan 8 of 20
    A Little Bit of Harlan
    I wanted to put Harlan's letter and poster over her bed too. It just helps close out the space for each girl.
  • Personal Library 9 of 20
    Personal Library
    Harlan absolutely loves books. She often sits in her bed and reads, especially after we put her in bed. This little shelf above her bed is just at the right height for her to get while she is laying down and resting. It's amazing how much this little shelf has encouraged her to sit and read.
  • Little Library 10 of 20
    Little Library
    With hardly anymore floor room, I knew that I needed to find a space for the girl's books. These shelves from Pottery Barn Kids work out perfectly. I plan on getting another as our book collection continues to grow!
  • A Little Flair 11 of 20
    A Little Flair
    These were the poms left over from Avery's birthday party. I plan on doing a little bit more with them in the room, but for now they are bunched up in the corner of the room giving it a little color and flair.
  • Creative Space 12 of 20
    Creative Space
    This space used to have the rocker that I would rock both girls in, but when I moved them into the room together, I moved the rocker out into our living room so that I wouldn't disturb Harlan at night if Avery happened to wake up. Now it's a space where the girls have a chance to get creative and have fun.
  • Art Inspiration 13 of 20
    Art Inspiration
    My friend Sam Simon painted this beautiful piece and it goes perfectly in the girls room. I thought it would make the perfect decor over the girl's art table for inspiration.
  • Table and Chairs 14 of 20
    Table and Chairs
    We replaced it with the rocker with this little table and chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. It serves as an art table, tea party table, and so much more. Harlan sits at this table daily doing an art project. Avery loves to sit with Harlan and have tea parties.
  • The Little Green Table 15 of 20
    The Little Green Table
    This table might not look like much, but it was actually the first thing that I bought for the nursery when I found out I was having a little girl. It was just a plain stool from IKEA that I put together and painted green. It serves as a table for the doll house and also a stool for Harlan to sit on whenever she needs it. It was something that was so inexpensive, but is a piece I will always cherish.
  • 12 Months of Harlan 16 of 20
    12 Months of Harlan
    I saw this green peg board at Home Goods while I was pregnant with Harlan and knew that I had to have it for her nursery, but had no idea what to do with it. I decided to paint the back white and glue on little wooden frames to make it a quick glimpse of Harlan's first year. I plan on making a similar frame for Avery, just haven't found the perfect one.
  • Fringe Flair 17 of 20
    Fringe Flair
    These were left over from Avery's birthday party and now serve as a little center piece when you walk into the girls room. I loved that I was able to use them again.
  • Stuffed Animal Storage 18 of 20
    Stuffed Animal Storage
    Harlan is obsessed with stuffed animals and I find that Avery is slowly becoming the same way. Without any floor storage space, I decided to get a door shoe organizer and stuff them all in there. It lets them remain out of the way and they are easily put back when I tell Harlan to clean up.
  • My Artist Attempt 19 of 20
    My Artist Attempt
    I painted these during my nesting phase when I was pregnant with Harlan. I am no artist, but I decided to hang them anyway because they remind me of her pregnancy and how special it was.
  • Harlan’s Chair 20 of 20
    Harlan's Chair
    Harlan received this chair a couple Christmas' ago. It's become one of Avery's very favorite places to sit in their room. I will probably purchase one for Avery very soon so that they can both have one without fighting over it.

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