Mom Beauty Tip: Get Pretty Long Lasting Nails with Shellac

Shellac manicure - it's worth it!
Shellac manicure - after 4 weeks of wear.

Moms, look at your nails. Then think about how you need some me time. Now schedule an appointment at the nail salon. Here is my mom beauty tip for having pretty nails that last.

Pretty Nails That Last

With 4 kids – my nails get a lot of wear and tear. So here is a little mom beauty tip for keeping pretty nails that last. Go to the nail salon, skip the typical manicure and upgrade to shellac nails.

If you are like me, your hands and nails go through hell each day. Whether its the countless dishes you are washing, the numerous diapers you are changing or the baby you are bathing –  your nails are put through the ringer non-stop.

Shellac nails are similar to a typical manicure, but the polish is long lasting. The manicure takes longer, as there are multiple layers and steps to the Shellac process, but the results are amazing. Plus, it’s not like this mom can get away to the nail salon often. If I am going to spend money, I want my nails to stay pretty!

At Christmas, I was given a nail salon gift certificate and went in the day after Christmas to use. My nails still look good!

Gel Nails vs Shellac Nails

Gel nails are similar to shellac nails. Both tout the no chipping, but after reading how gel nails can be dangerous, I’ll stick with Shellac manicure (you know, the twice a year I go). The process does involve a UV light, but the exposure is minimal (think maybe 5 minutes off an on the course of the complete manicure).

How Much and How Long Do Shellac Nails Last?

Shellac manicures will set you back around $30. Yes, this is double the price of a typical manicure – but remember, your nails will actually look nice after the first week.

The company touts that Shellac will last 2 weeks, but honestly, with the french shellac manicure – mine look good at 5 weeks.

DIY Shellac Nails at Home

While typically shellac nails are done in nail salons exclusively – leave it to the internet to sell the shellac supplies!

Here is what you will need to give yourself a fresh coat (this does not include a manicure just the painting)

  1. Shellac UV Base and Coat
  2. Shellac UV Colors
  3. CND Shellac UV Lamp
  4. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
  5. Solar Oil

How to Do Shellac Nails


Find a Salon that does Shellac Nails

Click here to find a salon that does shellac nails. Leave the baby at home and enjoy some “me time”.

DIY Nail Tutorials

If you enjoy DIY nail art check out these tutorials: newspaper nails, DIY french manicure and how to paint your nails.

How Often Do You Get Manicures?


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