She’s a Doll: Wigs Help Turn Your Baby into Cabbage Patch Doll

il_570xN.420963808_3mcoGrowing up I was in love with my Cabbage Patch dolls. My sister and I had a collection that we would play with almost daily. Because of our obsession, our parents surprised us with a trip to the Cabbage Patch factory where you could watch the dolls come to life from the cabbage patch. We even had a chance to name our own doll. It was definitely a highlight of my childhood and something I still remember vividly with a smile.

The lovable Cabbage Patch kid is now making it’s return, but not the way the you might think. Amanda Lillie, an Etsy shop owner, has started to bring her childhood obsession to helping your baby become a real life Cabbage Patch doll. Lillie, who still owns all of her  Cabbage Patch dolls, challenged herself to create a crocheted Cabbage  Patch inspired hat as a Halloween costume. After seeing the success, she opened up her Etsy shop, The Lillie Pad, and sells custom made Cabbage Patch hats available for babies everywhere.

While I’m usually not one for putting these types of things on my girls, I was such a huge fan of Cabbage Patch dolls growing up, that I would get one for Avery just for the nostalgic idea of it. I’m sure my oldest, Harlan, would love it as well. Apparently other people agree with me because the wigs are becoming such a hit that even the people at Cabbage Patch Kids have heard about the wigs.

Margaret McLean, director of corporate communications for Cabbage Patch Kids, told ABC News, “We’re getting comments on how much people are enjoying them and they’re starting to share the pictures with us. We’re very excited that people are thinking about their Cabbage Patch Kids again and sharing them with their kids.”

So what do you think? Would you get the wig for your little one?

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Image via The Lillie Pad

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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