Should I Feed Baby the Foods that Make Her Cringe?

Hazel's sour face
Hazel’s adventures in solid foods

Well, Hazel got over her hatred of bananas —now she loves bananas!—but has transferred her dislike to carrots. So currently we get the sour face and body shivers every time we feed the baby carrots. Is this going to happen with every new food? My fiancé bought her peas to try, but I don’t know if I can even give her those, because the thought of having to eat runny peas seems so disgusting to me, I think I’ll have a hard time not puking myself.

Anyway, for comfort, I looked through this slideshow of sour faced baby videos, and all I can say is, I can totally relate. This is what I’m looking at every day when I feed Hazel, who is six months old, her new solid foods.

But I’m going to continue to try to give her a range of food, because when I was little, I had so many food allergies, I never wanted to try anything new. And now that I’m older and eating a wider variety, it’s still a drag, because there are some items that I would really like to like but am just repulsed by. Such as eggs, which taste (and smell) disgusting to me, even though, strangely, they always look delicious—so I feel like I am missing out when I go to brunch and half the menu is off the table for me. Thus, my goal is to feed Hazel a variety of baby foods at a young age to try to get her used to new things. Including everything that I, myself, hate. I’ll just have to learn to be a good actress when I’m doing it.

So here’s my question: How many times should you try to feed baby a certain food before you give up? I mean, if she cringes and spits it out the first five times, should you even bother trying a sixth? And how much is nature vs. nurture—can she learn to like something if I pretend I’m really enthusiastic about it? Fill me in!

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