Shower Daily…Maybe: 7 Rules for New Stay-at-Home Moms

Hi. My name is Alice. You might know me from landmark pieces of journalism such as “Your Kid’s Not Cute and I Can’t Lie” and “Babies Are Drinking Coffee EVERYBODY PANIC…Oh, Wait Nevermind.

My background is that of a newspaper reporter and, like most journalists, I pretend to have a nearly non-existent ego while, in reality, feeding a very healthy one. So when Babble offered me the chance to write in my own voice about life with a baby, I jumped at the opportunity. Good thing I actually have an infant; maintaining a charade with a doll and decoy baby vomit would have been exhausting.

I recently left my full-time job to “lean back” and become a stay-at-home mom to said baby, who will here-to-fore be known as Scrunchy Face — so dubbed because, as a newborn, he tended to scrunch up his face. Clever, I know. (He joins his big brother, Saucer Eyes, whose nickname was inspired by the fact that the kid’s peepers are the size of planets or, you know, saucers.) Scrunchy Face is nearly four months old and I’m still adjusting to a life outside the office, so to help myself cope, I’ve compiled a list of rules that I hope will help me and other new stay-at-home moms maintain our sanity.

Are you a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom? What rules do you like to live by?

  • No Need to Stress 1 of 8
    No Need to Stress
    It's not essential that you follow all these rules... just advised!
  • Recognize How Lucky You Are 2 of 8
    Recognize How Lucky You Are
    So many moms would love to stay home with their children and can't. Don't take this privilege for granted, even when Scrunchy Face is wailing at the top of his lungs and you're fantasizing about "accidentally" locking yourself out of the house.
  • Bundle Up and Get Outside 3 of 8
    Bundle Up and Get Outside
    In cold weather, it's tempting to park one's self on the couch in front of the TV between feeding sessions, diaper changes and chores, but fresh air is good for mommy and baby. Scrunchy Face is too young to truly appreciate a Kardashian reality show marathon anyway.
  • Mind Your Hygiene 4 of 8
    Mind Your Hygiene
    Shower every day...or at least every other day...or at least make strategic use of wet wipes.
  • Make, Don’t Buy, Your Lunch 5 of 8
    Make, Don't Buy, Your Lunch
    Nuking frozen pizza doesn't count. (But heating up frozen pizza in the oven totally counts -- that is WORK.)
  • Talk to the Baby 6 of 8
    Talk to the Baby
    It boosts his brain power and gives you an excuse to exercise your own vocal chords. Sure, Scrunchy Face may not be able to reciprocate with much more than coos and burps, but he's still more receptive than, say, the cashier at the post office who clearly had zero interest in striking up a conversation with you despite your scintillating opening line of "Boy, that's some weather we've been having!"
  • Make Time for Social Activities 7 of 8
    Make Time for Social Activities
    Being home alone with a baby all day can make one desperate for grown-up company -- any grown-up company (see #5.) Join a parenting group, a mommy and baby exercise class and invite neighbors over for play dates, whether they have their own kids or not. You deserve to have friends whom you actually see in person, not just with on Facebook.
  • Keep Up on the News 8 of 8
    Keep Up on the News
    Because there are only so many conversations you can have about the color of Scrunchy Face's poop. (Image: stock.xchng/a_kartha)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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