Sh*t My Breast Pump Says (from Babble Readers!)

Does your breast pump talk?

Sitting down for one of my real first pumping sessions after Addison was born, I swore my breast pump was trying to send me subliminal messages.

I remember thinking, No way. This is not happening … a breast pump can’t TALK!

Well, I guess I was wrong, since I’m not the only one out there who has heard their breast pump delivering secret messages …

Melissa Sher wrote a lovely essay on her talking Medela, which sparked a ton of comments from moms insisting their breast pumps were also chattin’ it up with them during those intimate pumping sessions.

So we asked readers on our Facebook page to tell us the phrases they’ve heard their breast pump mouthing off, and the submissions rolled in. Ranging from the encouraging (“You can do it!”) to the random (“Yellow paint”), these answers just might help soothe those moms who thought they were crazy for, um, hearing things. You’re not alone!

  • Boobie Food 1 of 20
    Boobie Food
    Submitted by Rachele
  • Come On, Mama 2 of 20
    Come On, Mama
    Submitted by Elizabeth
  • Do Your Thing 3 of 20
    Do Your Thing
    Submitted by Shanna
  • Feeeeeed the Baby 4 of 20
    Feeeeeed the Baby
    Submitted by me!
  • Got Milk? 5 of 20
    Got Milk?
    Submitted by Carole
  • How Are You? 6 of 20
    How Are You?
    Submitted by Crystal
  • I Think I Can! 7 of 20
    I Think I Can!
    Submitted by Lisa
  • Lac-Tate! 8 of 20
    Submitted by Jennifer
  • Let Her Be 9 of 20
    Let Her Be
    Submitted by Melissa
  • Let’s Dance 10 of 20
    Let's Dance
    Submitted by Rachel
  • Let’s Go! 11 of 20
    Let's Go!
    Submitted by Regan
  • Lovin’ It 12 of 20
    Lovin' It
    Submitted by Dorian
  • Mmoooo 13 of 20
    Submitted by Dana
  • One More 14 of 20
    One More
    Submitted by Jennifer
  • REDRUM! 15 of 20
    Submitted by Julie
  • Ride the Bull 16 of 20
    Ride the Bull
    Submitted by Cindy
  • Wake Up! 17 of 20
    Wake Up!
    Submitted by Melanie
  • Who’s Your Daddy? 18 of 20
    Who's Your Daddy?
    Submitted by Annette
  • Yellow Paint! 19 of 20
    Yellow Paint!
    Submitted by Amanda
  • You Can Do It! 20 of 20
    You Can Do It!
    Submitted by April

What has your breast pump said to you? Tell us in the comments!

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