Siblings: Raising 2 Boys, 16 Months Apart

God is funny. So is birth control. And due to those two factors, I have two boys – 16 months apart. Our older two kids (a girl, now 8 years old – and a boy, 6) are 25 months apart. After seeing how close they are, I knew I wanted my third and fourth to be SOME WHAT close in age. Well, be careful what you ask for.

When finding out I was pregnant, roughly 8 months ago – I had a minor (okay, MAJOR) freak out. I had a 10-month old baby! How, what, when, oh the questions – and the uncertainity. I will say this – it’s funny how it all works out.

Fast forward to a month ago when our new little Zeke arrived.  Our world flipped.  We had not just one baby, but TWO!

We now have two butts to keep clean. Two mouths that need to be fed manually. Little ones that can’t put clothes on by themselves, nor snap their own car seats,  One baby’s cry gives the other baby permission to cry. Sitting down, our laps are rarely empty. What did we get into!!! 16 months apart is totally different from the 25 months apart we had last time!

While technically (in my mind) we have two babies, our now 17-month old looks MASSIVE.

Of everyone in the house, his adjustment to the new baby has been the hardest. No longer does he get all of the attention. Every day is a learning experience for us, and hopefully him. Any moment when the baby and Izaiah are within 50 feet of proximity, we have to shift into the body guard role for Zeke. Izaiah seems to think that introducing Zeke to his palm, each time he is near him – is love. Well either love or a sure fire way to get rid of him!

Watch and see:


Signs of sincerity and genuine caring from Izaiah are slowly emerging. He calls Zeke “Bubba” and screams his name each day he comes in from his sitter. Some of the palm in face routines are actually becoming somewhat sweet rubbing of Zeke’s head. The pinching of Zeke’s toes is becoming more of an attempt to play “this little piggy…” It’s good to know that there is love there!

I know as time passes and each of our younger two boys grow out of their baby stages, they will grow closer and closer. Each will have a live-in buddy, and hand-me-downs.

While there is no magical age to wait between children – we are making 16 months apart work. It’s just a lot of it!

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