Sick for the First Time

It only took nearly four months, but Avery is officially sick for the first time. And, oddly enough, I am relaxed about it.

She’s been fighting a cold for the past couple of days and I think it’s finally starting to get the best of her. She was up all last night sneezing and coughing. This morning she woke up still sneezing and coughing but this time with a runny nose. I had a cold last week, so my only guess is that she got it from me.

When I had my first, I would take her to the doctor if she looked at me in a weird way (I’m only slightly kidding.) After learning that most of the time all that she needed was fluids, keeping an eye on her temperature, and a cool mist vaporizer, I realized going to the doctor every single time wasn’t absolutely necessary.

So this time, I’m not going to freak out right away and run to the doctor. I’m not going to hit up my good friend google either. He only gives me results that I just don’t want to read. I’m going to be practical about this.

Avery isn’t running a fever, and despite the constant sneezing, she seems to be as happy and only mildly cranky. I went out and bought a vaporizer, am nursing her as often as possible to make sure she stays hydrated, and am giving her lots of cuddles. If she’s not better within a couple of days or seems to be getting worse, the doctor is our next stop.

I think I am probably suffering more than she is. I hate seeing any of my kids sick, knowing that there is nothing that I can do to make them better.

How did you react when your little one got sick for the first time?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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