Simple, Charming, Vintage Inspired Birthday Ideas: Baby Girl Edition

I’ve been moaning about my girl turning a year old, while pinning glorious ideas for her party with ferver. Talk about mixed feelings. Less than 3 weeks away, the party planning is in full effect.

These ideas are for meant to be shared, as good ones often are. I do think these finds are rather charming and aside from those who don’t like to put up a fuss at all, I’ve seen enough elaborate birthday parties for wee babies to know that there’s got to be a happy medium. And that there are more mommas out there like me.

So if you love vintage inspired themes, outdoor parties, whimsy and DIY projects – then this is the place for you to get your own planning started!

From electronic invites to handmade prizes and DIY decor (including free printables and turorials!) – you can still keep it simple and frugal with some added heart and soul. Check out these nifty ideas…

  • Invites 1 of 18
    Go electronic. Evite has been our choice way to do this for many a party over the years. It's simple, fast and once you have created a profile and used the service before - you don't have to enter all the same email address in again! Which makes sending out invites a breeze. I only have to administrate minor changes/additions/subtractions to our guest lists now.
    Photo Credit: Evite
  • DIY Birthday Banner 2 of 18
    DIY Birthday Banner
    There are a multitude of DIY banner tutes you can find on-line (specifically Pinterest). I was drawn to the rustic elegance of this sweet burlap banner, however I may not sew the letters on…glue gun, hello! Although the stitching is rather charming. We'll see how haywire I am closer to the date. Epic decisions, I know.
    Photo Credit Via Tutorial: Adelyn Stone
  • Fabric Flowers 3 of 18
    Fabric Flowers
    I found this photo on a wedding blog - no matter. These fabric flowers are darling, look simple enough to make because I'm crafty like that and they match my colour scheme, so there. I imagine making just a few for a couple of table centrepieces and maybe the dessert table. For the less craft inclined, I'm sure you could buy some at a Michael's or for the tutorial lover, you'll be able to find at least one to suit your fancy out of all 49 of these suckers!
    Photo Credit: Austin Wedding Blog
  • DIY Party Favours + Free Printable! 4 of 18
    DIY Party Favours + Free Printable!
    I could go to the dollar store…or I could make a couple of simple favours myself. Not a hard choice. I think that ribbon wands would be a fun and easy activity to do with my toddler boy in prepping for his little sister's birthday. We could use some of the wooden dowels I have, or go on a hike, foraging for sticks. Fun stuff. And oh, the pinwheels. Be-still my heart. Bubbles and pinwheels. Have a click-see below if you are intrigued.
    Photo Credit & pinwheel tutorial with free printable: Oh Happy Day
  • Ribbon Adorned Chairs 5 of 18
    Ribbon Adorned Chairs
    Fluttering under the breath of a gently outdoor breeze. Simply done and just romantic enough for my sweet little diva. I'm sure you can imagine how to do this…cut to desired length, tie as many as you want all the same length or varying ones and admire.
    Photo Credit: HGTV
  • Fabric Pom Poms 6 of 18
    Fabric Pom Poms
    You may or may not know that I am a huge fan of the pom pom. It's not hard to imagine what with my obsession with ruffle butt bloomers and all. For Abby's naming ceremony I made tissue paper ones. All white, in different sizes. I thought about making some fabric ones using up a bit of my epic stash of fabric scraps. There are several tutorials you can find online in ranging in their seriousness. I'm opting to go this route.
    Photo Credit: Bonjour! Blog
  • Dresser Turned Dessert Table 7 of 18
    Dresser Turned Dessert Table
    I've also done this before. It went over really well and was practical too. The extra space was needed for the cake and other goodies as the savory food was laid out on the island and dining room table. So, yes, I'll be doing it again for Abby's birthday. Darling little party pictures linked up below.
    Photo Credit: Perfectly Imperfect
  • The Scene 8 of 18
    The Scene
    H-to-the-Beach-B-Day-Party. I'm thinking I could keep this really simple and keep the mess out of my house, right? But then there's the lugging to and fro of the afore-mentioned props and prizes I'll most surely want to bring along. If you click the link below your eyes will be assassinated with the most lovely birthday party for a little girl you ever did see. I can't pretend I have it together enough to pull something off of this stature, but I can bring in some of the the elements.
    Photo Credit: Frog Prince Paperie
  • Ruffle Butt Ahoy 9 of 18
    Ruffle Butt Ahoy
    Now I can say this with conviction. Being so close to the water all. This picture is what cinched the deal for me. The beach birthday party theme that is. I think we'll all have a grand old time and I won't work my butt off anymore or less at home.
    Photo Credit: Lottie Da
  • Birthday Suit 10 of 18
    Birthday Suit
    No pun intended. Although I am sure at some point, with the cake and being at the beach and all - that Abby will end up being nekkid. The free indulgences of being a baby, I suppose. At least for the beginning however, this shall be her birthday frock. Rather perfect, yes?
    Photo Credit: Ms Tips on Etsy
  • Do The Cake Smash 11 of 18
    Do The Cake Smash
    Apparently it's the trendy thing to do. Set your baby in front of their birthday cake and let them have at it. Forgoing the whole trendiness of it - I just think it's hella cute and a brilliant photo opp.
    Photo Credit: Slinky Media
  • Photo Inspiration 12 of 18
    Photo Inspiration
    Dang but this is cute. I love the composition. I love that BABY! Must nibble that baby! Perhaps I could take some before the beach pictures, the morning of her actual b-day.
    Photo Credit: Grey Likes Baby
  • Boardwalk Baby! 13 of 18
    Boardwalk Baby!
    There's a boardwalk along the water's edge close the the beach spot I have envisioned for the party. Great idea for a super cute photo!
    Photo Credit: Rebecca Kelly Photography
  • Charming Brilliance 14 of 18
    Charming Brilliance
    Yet another great idea from Jordan over at, 'Oh Happy Day'. If we forgo the beach party, I'm all about a hot air balloon theme at home. The pictures alone would be darling.
    Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day
  • Pressie #1 15 of 18
    Pressie #1
    This beautiful handmade doll. Well, actually a variation of one that a local studio/boutique shop sells here on commission from the artisan, Carolyn Ward. Recently, Abby has really gotten into her plush baby doll so I think she would adore this. She also loves real live little girls, but I can't get her one of those. So.
    Photo Credit: Carolyn Ward on Flickr
  • Pressie #2 16 of 18
    Pressie #2
    Vintage stacking dolls! Probably, I am more excited about these than her. Probably. But that's partly because she has not a clue. Once they are in her sweet little chubby hands, I am sure she'll be in complete adoration.
    Photo Credit: Small Town Vintage Shop on Etsy
  • Strawberry Chiffon Shorty Short Cake 17 of 18
    Strawberry Chiffon Shorty Short Cake
    Except really it's not. (Short) It's tiered x 4, and it's light and it's bursting with ripe strawberries of my Ontario season. You may think, what a feat! I'm here to tell you it's not. Once I let go of my fear (this was my first of many things cake) - I was substituting and adjusting ingredients from the original recipe all over the place and finished in in under an hour (not counting cooling or baking time.) Making cakes like this will catapult you into goddess of glory stature in mere seconds. I just can't shank the stereo-type that homemade birthday cakes are better. I'm pretty sure it's simply because they ARE.
    Get The Recipe Here! le petit rêve
  • Less Is More 18 of 18
    Less Is More
    While I'm really attracted to such ornate shin-diggs as that gorgeous beach party or the vintage inspired spread previously mentioned - I also think it's important to not be too lavish. You know, walking the fine line between being a 'Party Mama' and throwing a sweet soirée that makes my little one feel special, treasured and loved. Some might say she won't even remember it, but I beg to differ. Babies are genius yo, and tell me you don't pour over picture albums from your youth. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn't it?
    Photo Credit: Simple Mom

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