Six Weeks Postpartum, and Cleared to *ahem*, "Do It".

Last week I went to the lady doctor for my six week postpartum checkup. Of course I took Paul with me, because naturally I wanted to shamelessly show him off to all the staff and my doctor who delivered him.
At the appointment, we discussed all the typical and standard post-delivery kind of concerns.

Am I getting any sleep? How’s my energy level doing? Are the other kids adjusting well? Do I feel postpartum depression creeping in? Stuff like that.

I also got a cervical exam, and got the green light to go ahead and start having sex again if I want.

Sex again. If I’m ready.

But am I ready?

While my husband is probably thrilled to hear how my special parts have been put back together nicely, over the past six weeks, I’m not so sure I’m quite ready to hop back in the sack quite yet. I’m obviously excited to have healed up, but let’s face it, birthing a baby vaginally didn’t exactly feel like pushing out cotton balls, and it was only six weeks ago.

In my previous pregnancies, I also go the the go ahead at the six week checkup, but I think my husband and I waited until around the 8 week mark to get things going again.

I have to be honest, I’m a modest gal, and posting about sex/love life makes me incredibly uncomfortable. But I must blog about it, because I’m curious how other new moms feel about having sex after birth, and how long you and your partner waited before hopping back in the sack.

Would you be brave and leave a comment? How long did you wait postpartum to resume “business as usual” in the bedroom?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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