Sleep Deprivation After Having a Baby

sleep deprivation
Sleep Deprivation After Baby

After delivery, there has to be some crazy endorphin that is keeping you going. I’ll refer to it as the baby high.

Your cute little thing that you grew for 9 months, has stolen your heart and you surely don’t want to screw it up. So what do you do? You exert all of your energy and focus day and night on your new baby and that thing you once knew, called sleep only visits on occasion and never consistent.

Then day 10 hits.

While I am sure for each person the day that you hit the brick wall with sleep deprivation after baby varies, with each of my kids – it’s been day 10. Today…. is day 10 after Zeke’s birth.

Wall hit.

Game over.

I’m pooped.

The husband has been taking his turn at feedings and helping however he can. But with 3 other kids, it’s not as easy as it was before. Our third being only 16 months, he needs constant care while awake. Our older 2 are self sufficient (thank you JESUS), but we aren’t the type of parents to totally set them on their own.

On top of the no sleep, insomnia has kicked in. While I am a walking zombie, even when Zeke falls asleep after his 3 am feeding, I can’t get myself to sleep. It really sucks when at 5:30 am you are STILL awake, baby whimpers, husband wakes up to do his shift and YOU ARE STILL AWAKE. BOO!

Last night, at 4 am – I had enough of laying in bed tossing and turning. I went downstairs and poured a half glass of of my orange moscato. (see, first drink after pregnancy. I’m WEAK and have no tolerance.)

Confession: I can't drink half a glass without passing out.
Confession: I can't drink half a glass without passing out.

I think I found my insomnia cure. I was out in 5 minutes for 4 hours. The husb picked up the in-between feeding. 4 hours of sleeping bliss, and I felt like a new person. I told the kids this morning “Mommy’s back!”, which they gave me a weird look and my daughter told me “you never left”.

I’m pretty sure that my doctor wouldn’t approve of my new sleep aid, but for now – me and orange moscato may just end up being BFFs, until I can get some good solid sleep once Zeke is sleeping. Or until my bottle is empty.

While the 4 hours of sleep were much needed, it wasn’t enough. My mind is playing tricks on me and I know it’s because I need some rest. YAWN.

When Did You Hit the Sleep Deprivation Wall After Baby?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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