Sleep Easy with the Snuza Trio Baby Monitoring System

The best baby monitoring system on the market. You know the old saying “sleep when the baby sleeps”? Sure, those few word roll easily off the tongue, but often it’s just not that simple to accomplish, especially if you suffer from postpartum anxiety and insomnia like I do.

I lay awake at night, worrying about my baby sleeping down the hall in the nursery. And then during the day, I find myself having a hard time getting anything done during nap time, because I’m anxious if he’s safe in his crib or not.

This might all sound like unnecessary worry to some, but the reality of it is that sometime our babies are not safe in their cribs. This month is SIDS awareness month, which is a time dedicated to raising awareness to the sudden death of an infant less than 1 year of age that cannot be explained. Oftentimes, SIDS occurs in the crib, or while baby sleeps.

And while SIDS is not preventable, smart decisions can be made to lessen the risks.

Just recently, I was given the chance to review what I’m consider the creme de la creme of baby monitoring. Let me introduce you to the Snuza Trio, a 3-in-1 Baby Monitoring System.

You guys, this baby monitor is brilliant, and I’ve been honestly blown away by it’s capabilities. Let me give you a quick little run-down of a few features I’ve found exceptionally amazing:

1. The complete monitor includes 3 simple pieces. 1. A movement monitor called “hero” that clips to the baby’s diaper, 2. a color/night vision camera, and 3. a built-in microphone.

2. The portable audio-video monitor has a 2.4 inch LCD screen that functions from as far away as 450 from the crib. This is awesome, because it really allows for flexibility when it comes to nursery design and furniture placement.

3. The “hero” piece that clips to the diaper is a battery operated clip that you place on the waistband of the diaper. If it does not sense movement (including breathing) within a 15 second time frame, it stimulates the baby by activating a pulsed vibration. And then additionally, if movement is not sensed within a further five seconds of the vibration, an audible alarm is triggered to alert you to check baby.

4. All three pieces to the system can work completely independent of each other. I love this because I use the Hero piece at night, but no always during nap time. And the video display has a VOX feature which means you can turn off the monitor screen (so you can sleep while baby sleeps), but the screen will automatically turn back on if the sounds from baby’s room are detected.

spot the baby butt...

Can you spot the baby butt?

When it comes to baby gear, I’m pretty easy breezy about most pieces. I don’t need the best stroller, high chair or toys. I’ll take hand-me-downs any day of the week, especially if it saves me a buck or two. But there are two items I will not compromise on, the car seat and the baby monitor. My kids lives depend on their performance, and I’m willing to invest in the best.

The Snuza Trio retails for $299.99 and can be purchased through many online retailers, including Amazon.

*This product was provided to me for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed are my own, pinky swear.

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