Sleeping in the Lounger? Not for Babies!

Baby on a pillow
Fuzzball in the Newborn Lounger

Here is Fuzzball in his Boppy ‘Newborn Lounger.’ That’s his brother, Shnook, on the right. This pillow was given to us by some friends who warned us not to let him sleep in it. In fact, all over the Newborn Lounger are labels and stickers that say things like “Not for sleeping!” “Do not let baby sleep on this pillow!” and the ubiquitous red circle with the diagonal line through the word “SLEEP.”

That’s right, Fuzz, NO SLEEPING, ONLY LOUNGING!! Never mind the fact that you are only awake and not eating for about 11 minutes of every hour.

Who do these Boppy people think they are? How can you sell a deliciously comfy pillow made for a creature who only sleeps, eats and poops and expect them not to fall asleep? OR do they expect us to transfer him upon falling asleep to a much less desirable location? Car seat? Bouncy Seat? Bassinet with ½ inch piece of foam as a mattress?

Okay, I get the whole rolling over, suffocation and SIDS fear. They have to label this stuff. Hey, SIDS is no joke. My engineer husband has invented a baby monitor that also monitors respiration, that’s how freaked out we are about it. I’m serious. It sits above Fuzzball’s cosleeper, duct-taped to a laptop. It has only nearly fallen on his head once. Okay, twice.

Out of curiosity, I looked at some reviews of this pillow. People love this product.  Interestingly, almost every person raved about how much their child loved sleeping on this pillow. Only one that I read, mentioned sheepishly, that they knew their child wasn’t supposed to sleep on it, but let him anyway.

Clearly, the people at Boppy need to re-evaluate these labels. Perhaps a disclaimer needs to be added: Sleep only permitted under parental supervision (or something like this). In the meantime, do you think they’d make me one in my size?

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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