Sleeping Like a Baby

With Avery just six weeks old, her activity of choice (other than eating) is sleeping. After having a horrible newborn sleep experience with my first, I was very lucky this time around to get blessed with a little girl that loves her sleep.

As a new mom, there is nothing that melts my heart more than watching my little one sleep. She always looks so peaceful when she sleeps, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. I really think that I could stare at her for hours just watching her sleep because she looks so sweet.

After spending many hours watching her over the last month, I’ve come to notice that she has so many weird positions that she comes up with when she sleeps. Although she prefers to have her arms out of a swaddle and close to her face, she doesn’t prefer one sleeping position just yet.

Naturally ,as new moms like to do, I’ve taken a ton of pictures of her when she sleeps. I’ve complied some of her cutest sleeping positions for you to see.

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  • Arms up! 1 of 11
    Arms up!
    I laid her down on the couch so that she was close to me while I was working and this is how she fell asleep.
  • What’s up??? 2 of 11
    What's up???
    I find this little hand signal she is giving us so amusing!
  • Shoulders up 3 of 11
    Shoulders up
    She looks like she's a tad bit uncomfortable in this picture. Her shoulders look like they are hunched upwards. If she falls asleep that way, I guess it can't be too uncomfortable.
  • Stroller Sleep 4 of 11
    Stroller Sleep
    There is something miraculous about the stroller. No matter how fussy she is, within a few minutes of walking, she is out! I love how her head is always propped up and she is so peacefully sleeping (even with the noisy NYC streets.)
  • Cuddle Sleep 5 of 11
    Cuddle Sleep
    There is nothing better than a nap with this little one on a quiet afternoon.
  • Swing sleep 6 of 11
    Swing sleep
    She loves falling asleep in her swing and she likes to make herself extra comfortable in it! Her head propped to the side is the cutest!
  • The twist 7 of 11
    The twist
    Somehow she always manages to roll towards her side to sleep. And her hands are very close to her face, just as she prefers.
  • Where are my hands??? 8 of 11
    Where are my hands???
    This was her first and last time wearing this contraption. She HATED not having her arms out.
  • That can’t be comfortable. 9 of 11
    That can't be comfortable.
    This sweet little girl was quite the screamer during witching hour. She finally gave up as I was bouncing her on my leg and this is how she fell asleep.
  • Scrunchy Face 10 of 11
    Scrunchy Face
    Although she was quite peacefully sleeping in this picture, you would never be able to tell by her little facial expression. I love how she is squinting and pouting her little lips.
  • Spread out 11 of 11
    Spread out
    This is how I find her when I wake up in the morning. She is spread out and usually half way out of her swaddle. She loves to move around when she sleeps.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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