The Smart Garment Onesie That Tracks Your Baby's Well-being

Is this the future of baby wear?
Is this the future of baby wear?

Your baby’s safety and well-being, naturally, are a few of your main priorities the first year of his or her life. But would you put your baby into a “smart garment” that monitors behavioral and emotional changes in your baby?

Meet Exmobaby. According to the manufacturers …

Exmobaby is a next-generation “smart garment” line of apparel specifically designed for newborns and infants.

Each and every garment in the Exmobaby line includes sensor technology that monitors baby’s vital signs and movement. The fully integrated capabilities built into the clothing and apparel deliver wireless communication and evaluation of baby’s condition throughout the day as well as during critical night time sleep.

Parents of newborns receive text messages (SMS) and email alerts on their mobile phones, personal computers and other devices. These show up automatically in real time as baby’s movement and vital signs change. No extra or constant monitoring by parents, caregivers or relatives is needed. The Exmobaby product line does all the work.


Or maybe not.

I don’t know about your parenting style, and I’m not going to judge you — but I TOTALLY don’t care to put my baby in a technological device to monitor his or her well-being. I am all down with my baby being exposed to technology at a young age, but my baby wearing a device that isn’t for health reasons necessarily? Uh …

Another thought …  I don’t know about your kid, but as sweet as my baby is he spits up, poops and occasionally pees all over his onesies. In fact, we’re lucky if we can go a day without changing him a few times!  So if this thing isn’t washable and durable to withstand numerous washings, that’s another no thanks.

From Exmobaby’s FAQ:

Is it harmful for babies to be exposed to a wireless device, like the Exmobaby transceiver?

There is greater proven danger to babies from choking hazards than exposure to wireless or radiating devices like cell phones, radios and/or microwaves. Exmobaby is insulated and designed to broadcast data, and hence radiate, minimally. In any case, babies are exposed to significantly more radiation from nearby cell phones than from sleeping with Exmobaby.

I like Exmobaby vital sign monitoring technology but I am afraid of any kind of radiation whatsoever. What do I do?

Exmovere is working on a non-wireless version of Exmobaby that merely displays the data on the garment using woven fiber-optic displays. This would eliminate the need for wireless transmission but would still require someone to actually look at the baby itself.

Oh no, people! Why look at your baby to find out his emotional state, when you can check his stats on your iPhone?!

Who is the target audience for Exmobaby?

Exmobaby is intended ultimately for first time parents. Exmovere’s goal is to find physicians, retailers, distributors and healthcare IT providers that can make the technology ubiquitous and affordable.

Yes, because first time parents are suckers. No offense, first-timers — I was there, and totally spent way too much money on baby crap!

As a mom to 3 previous babies who LOVES technology, no thanks.  I know that we are in the year 2012. I know that my whereabouts can be tracked at all times. I know this super-powered onesie can monitor and help me keep tabs on my baby’s well-being. I just think this is an idea gone silly.

Good news. Exmobaby isn’t on the market yet and is still an investigational stage product.

Is Exmobaby an FDA-approved medical device?

No. Exmobaby is currently an investigational stage product that will ultimately be marketed to the general public as an FDA 510k exempt biofeedback device, predicated on a wide number of existant wireless ECG devices. Any diagnostic or medical usage of Exmobaby technology in its current form on babies must be done under the supervision of a physician with informed consent from the parents.


Your Thoughts? Is This the Way of the Future?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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