Breastfeeding? Eat This!

Basic Nutrition for New Moms 1 of 17
Choose foods that are high in protein and dense in nutrients. Eating a variety of foods (fruits, veggies, grains, proteins, and fats) goes a long way in helping you get the nutrients that you need.
Bowl of Whole-Grain Cereal 2 of 17
What's great: The same blend of complex carbs, calcium, and lots of vitamins and minerals that make your morning flakes a smart choice are also what make them a great anytime snack.

Snack tip: Keep several varieties of cereal (and add-ins) on hand to avoid snacking boredom.
Cheese and Multigrain Crackers 3 of 17
What's great: Cheese (especially the hard kinds) provides lots of calcium and protein, while crackers offer a satisfying crunch and lots of fiber.

Snack tip: Try reduced-sodium crackers or ones with reduced fat.
Yogurt 4 of 17
What's great: Lower in sodium than many cheeses with the same calcium punch, yogurt can be dressed up (toss in granola or dried fruit for a heartier snack), eaten plain, or used instead of sour cream for a lower-fat topping.
Fruit Smoothie 5 of 17
What's great: Blend 1 cup of low-fat plain yogurt with ice, 1 cup cut-up fruit, and a splash of juice for an easy sweet tooth satisfier without an overload of sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Nuts 6 of 17
What's great:
Protein powerhouses that they are, nuts also contain healthy amounts of unsaturated fat and fiber.

Snack tip: Craving something salty? Go for a handful of dry-roasted, lightly salted almonds.
Avocado Slices with Whole-Grain Crackers 7 of 17
What's great: Full of mono- and polyunsaturated fats (the good kinds), avocados also provide nursing moms fiber and vitamin C. The crackers? Great crunch and more fiber!

Snack tip: Avocados are best eaten freshly sliced.
Protein Bar 8 of 17
What's great:Protein bars can be a smart mid-afternoon choice when you're fading and craving something sweet.

Snack tip: Choose one high in fiber and minerals, but low in saturated fat and sugars.
Hard-Boiled Egg 9 of 17
What's great: Yes, they're full of protein and fat—but that's what makes eggs such a smart choice for nursing moms. (Choose a brand that's
fortified with DHA, that fatty acid good for babies'
developing brains, eyes, and hearts.)
Whole Wheat Pita with Hummus 10 of 17
What's great: Hummus is made from chickpeas (which provide a nice dose of protein and flavor) and tahini (a sesame paste rich in calcium). Add the pita and you have fiber, too.

Snack tip: Add sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, or grated carrots for more nutrition and crunch.
Small Bagel with Cream Cheese 11 of 17
Hands Holding Bagel
What's great: Chewy and satisfying, this is a snack you can really sink your teeth into. Opt for a multi- or whole-grain bagel when possible—but watch the size! A regular bagel is too big for a single serving. If you don't have a small bagel, eat half a whole one.
Half a Sandwich 12 of 17
Woman Holding Sandwich
What's great: Choose whole-grain bread and add what you like—cheeses, lean meats, lettuce or spinach, tomatoes, grilled eggplant, shredded carrots, etc. You can create a complete nutrition package: veggies, fiber, and protein all at once!
Carrots and Celery with Low-Fat Dip 13 of 17
What's great: Carrots and celery are high in potassium, vitamin A, fiber, and water. A ranch or spinach dip can provide protein.

Snack tip: For at-home munching, keep veggies in the fridge: It might tempt you into reaching for healthier snack choices.

Nut Butter with Apple Slices 14 of 17
What's great: A double-punch of protein and fiber! Adding PB to the apple can make you feel more satisfied—the protein and healthy fats will sustain you during your busy day.

Snack tip: Buy apples pre-sliced! Calcium ascorbate (vitamin C) will prevent browning.

Salad 15 of 17
What's great: Fiber! And the more colorful you make your salad, the more nutrients you consume. Plus, since most veggies have a water component, salad is also a good source of hydration.

Snack tip: Buy organic, pre-sliced, pre-washed ingredients to make prep easier.

Fruit 16 of 17
What's great: Fiber and vitamins A, C, and E—fruit is loaded with nutritional good stuff. Like veggies, it also helps with new moms' water intake.

Snack tip: Fruit's a healthy, vitamin-rich, satisfying snack. Consider keeping it in the fridge: It can help thwart unhealthy snack choices!

More Nursing Diet Tips 17 of 17
Stock up. If any of the snacks can be prepped ahead, do so, and keep them in plastic containers. It will make grabbing a good, healthy choice when you feel hungry so much easier.

Hydrate! Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.
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