Snot be Gone, Especially the Crusty Stuff

She does snot like having her nose wiped.

There’s a lot of debate about what’s necessary and what’s a luxury when it comes to raising and living with babies. There’s $200 swings, $1,200 strollers, $600 high chairs and $1,200 dresses. There’s even a cloth diaper out there that falls just short of $80. Regardless of how you choose to raise your children or what you choose to buy them, there are some things that don’t really get the credit they deserve until you’re knee deep in snot and there’s shiny snail trails of mucous on every pair of pants you own, your shoulder and on every couch cushion.

Today, I’d like to pay homage the $2.99 pack of unscented Boogie Wipes I bought at Walgreen’s.

I’ve you’ve heard of them, or even better used them, then you know why I’m dedicating a few hundred words to them. If you’ve never used them, picture this: your adorable baby has a snotty nose for any number of reasons, cold, allergies, teething, you name it. They wipe their face throughout the day, they blow boogers all over their face and smear them across their cheeks. In Vivi’s case they get caught in her hair. HER HAIR.

Soon your child is left with a crusty pile of mucous covering their kissable cheeks and LIKE HELL if they’re letting you near them with a tissue or wipe.

Boogie wipes are saline wipes, meaning they break up to boogers and the crusty dried slime on your babies face without rubbing and in Vivi’s case, without tears. It’s like she tests us, she knows when we’re about to wipe her nose so she turns away until she’s sure that what we’re using on her is a Boogie Wipe, not a wet paper towel, washcloth or heaven forbid, a dry tissue.

I got a pack of them as a sample four years ago and I hoped with all my might that they weren’t just a fad and that they’d stick around.

They stuck around so the boogers wouldn’t, literally.

Thank you Boogie Wipes.

Thank you.

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(Just in case, this isn’t sponsored or anything, I’m just especially thankful for this particular product today.)


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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