Snot Sucking Sickness Sucks.

Maybe she’s sick, maybe she’s teething. Maybe she’s just trying to limit my productivity. Whatever it is there is a tiny little creature producing large amounts of mucous and demanding to be held close and upright for 11 of the 12 hours she is awake. What is sad is that she is not snuggly sick, she is grumpy sick. Or teething. Who knows. This is where that 6 year age difference bites me in the butt, I forget what sickness/teething is like but I do remember that they closely resemble each other and even more importantly, I remember that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I was in Canada when I learned through a text that she wasn’t feeling well. My husband later informed me that her nose is a “NO GO ZONE” when it comes to wiping and touching. Of all the parenting duties I enjoy the least? Snot sucking is at the tippy-top of that list. However I have become very good at it, getting it right on the first suck so as not to damage her little nostrils. OH HOW SHE HATES IT. I thought Addie hated having her nose sucked but Vivi? She takes that hate to DEFCON 1. (Which despite popular lay belief, DEFCON 1 is way worse than DEFCON 5.)

I am a big believer in the neti pot for myself and that clearing out all that nasal garbage will do way more for you than taking medication. The only reason I can handle the bloodcurdling screams that come with baby nasal evacuation? Is because I know she’ll feel better when it’s over whether she wants to admit to it or not.

(Also? Every ad or package for a nasal aspirator has the mom and baby smiling tenderly at each other. LIES. ALL HORRIBLE LIES.)


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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