So Big: 16 Favorite Photos of Grayson

Mom fail. Or maybe blogger fail? I forgot to update  you on all things Grayson. We went from Grayson’s 7 month update to today, just a week away from Grayson’s 1st birthday. Clearly, I’ve been pretty busy. But, I thought I would share the last few months to catch you up.

Things have changed a lot in the last few months. Some things great, some things….not so great. Let’s start with the good news first! Grayson is crawling like crazy. This was a very exciting day in our house. His sisters have been working with him day after day to try and get him to crawl and he finally started just after his 7 month birthday. He is all over the place and is already tired of crawling. He is constantly trying to pull up and cruise on everything from the ottoman to our sectional sofa. Little man doesn’t stop. He is eating table food like crazy and wants everything we have on our plates. Almost 20lbs now, he will be catching up to Sadie, his two-year-old sister soon. She’s just 22 pounds. He seems like he could do without his bottle now but, he still takes it about 3 times a day. He is such a happy baby and goes with the flow. And boy does he love his juice cup. 

As for the bad news? He is back on his Prevacid and we can’t allow any milk or soy in his diet. His acid reflux has suddenly gotten out of control and it seems to really bother him at times. He has dealt with quite the health issues which you can read all about here and here. But he is finally getting better. His asthma seems to be controlled for the moment but I am nervous as we go into cold season.

First birthday party planning is in full-swing. We will be celebrating with family and friends in about two weeks. It’s hard to believe next week, I will be sharing all of my favorite photos with you of his last year. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Click-through my favorite photos of Grayson from the last few months to see how he’s grown! 

  • My How You’ve Grown! 1 of 17
  • Happy 8-Months-Old! 2 of 17
    photo (17)

    Lucky for Grayson we spent his milestone month at Busch Gardens for a mini-vacay. He had so much fun! 

  • Sweet Dreams 3 of 17
    photo (13)

    Sleeping to grow. I snapped this picture on the eve of his 8 month birthday. 

  • Happy 4th of July! 4 of 17
    photo (14)

    Grayson celebrating his very first 4th of July in one of my favorite outfits -- stay rad Gray! 

  • Look at Me! 5 of 17
    photo (16)

    I can crawl! But, I am so ready to walk now. Grayson is all over the place! It's so funny how fast he crawls. 

  • Milestone: 9 Months Old 6 of 17
    9 months

    Mr.Serious, just taking it all in. I can't believe time has flown by so fast and my little guy is almost a year. 

  • 9 Month Check-Up 7 of 17
    photo (15)

    Oh Mom! Are we really at the doctors again? Grayson is always giving the doctors smiles! 

  • Beach Baby 8 of 17
    9 months

    10 months old and finally taking his first trip to the beach! Grayson loved playing in the sand. But, getting him to not eat it was a struggle. 

  • Pool Time 9 of 17
    10 months beach

    The waves are just way to strong for a baby. We brought a pool so Grayson could enjoy the water too. His face says it all! 

  • Grayson Loves Playing Outside 10 of 17
    g and sadie

    Grayson absolutely loves playing outside. If you head to the door, he is crawling one second behind you to try and squeeze out the door too. He loves playing outdoors with his sisters. 

  • Happy Boy 11 of 17

    I feel so lucky to have such a happy baby. He is always making us smile. 

    His trendy outfit here is: Tee, Loved By Hannah and Eli, Leggings By Carly Megan, Mocs by Freshly Picked, beanie by Salt City Emporium. 

  • His Little Friend 12 of 17

    This is Rocks, our bearded dragon that Grayson is obsessed with. When he is in his cage Grayson just stands and taps on the glass. My husband thought it would be funny to take them for a stroll. Don't worry, it lasted long enough to take this picture. But Grayson loved every minute. 

  • Window Watching 13 of 17
    photo (6)

    As you can see, he really does love hanging around with Rocks. Typical boy I guess! Check out the peace sign the bearded dragon is throwing up! Look closely now. 

  • #Selfie 14 of 17
    photo (7)

    Grayson always plays with my phone and can you believe it? I found him taking this selfie. Hilarious! 

  • Such a Fighter 15 of 17
    photo (8)

    Oh my heart! This is my favorite photo of Grayson from the last few weeks. He was so sick but this smile shows what a trooper he always is even with his health issues. 

  • Loves the Camera 16 of 17
    photo (9)

    Hey Mom, look at me! Aren't I so cute? 

    Outfit details: Tank, Loved By Hannah and Eli, Leggings + hat by Carly Megan, Monogramed Converse from Bespoke Gifts 

  • BFF Playdates 17 of 17
    photo (11)

    One of my best friends has a little boy just a few weeks older then Grayson. It's so nice to be able to have playdates with them and have them close in age. Grayson loves his best friend Carter and they have such a great time together! I am so happy we can hang out together. 

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