So, Like, When Do I Give Up On The Lovie?

Don't worry, I love you little bear.

I had high hopes for Fuzz’s lovie candidate back in the day. Now Fuzz is nine and half month’s old and he still doesn’t seem to care about this totally adorable ecologically sound bear, given to us so thoughtfully by his cousins.
According to Heather Turgeon, lovies are useful for babies for a few reason:

It can make for smoother transitions
It can act as a touch point during anxious moments.
It can help with sleep. A familiar tactile object to hug, nuzzle and chew can become part of her repertoire of ways to fall asleep on her own, and that’s good news for everyone in the house.

For the sleep reason alone, I wanted Fuzz to become attached.

Shnook did not take to a lovie despite numerous efforts, but I think if he did, getting him to bed might be easier. Here’s the rest of Heather’s post on lovies.

So, with my best intentions in mind. I brought this very adorable bear head and paws attached to a square of fabric into bed with us, slept with it for a few days to make it smell like me, then put it in the crib with him.

The result? It just sits in the corner for those early hours he spends there, completely ignored, untouched. I’ve attempted to give it to him at bedtime and naptime. He doesn’t want it. It’s not Mama, so it’s not good enough.

So, so, sad.

So, is this the end of the lovie? Or is there still hope yet? How can I get him to love his lovie? Or do I not really want him to at this point? Should I make another attempt to get the Fuzz to love his lovie? What else can I do to make him like it? Should I try another one?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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