Soften the Blow When Gifting Clothes: Stuff a Toy In It!

wrap up a toy in a new shirt for the holidaysAs a thirty-something-year-old woman, I absolutely adore getting clothes as gifts. Wool sweaters, warm puffy winter coats, new running shoes, and of course accessories like scarfs and soft buttery leather purses.

I don’t buy myself too much during the year, so when it comes to Christmas, I typically request a few new pieces of clothes to freshen up the winter wardrobe.

In fact, I’m pretty sure clothes have been at the top of my wish list since I was in high school. But when I was a little kid? I didn’t exactly appreciate unwrapping socks or underwear, I wanted big boxes full of the good stuff, the toys!

So now when I give my kids clothes as gifts, I don’t expect too much fanfare. I know I’ll never be The Greatest Mom Ever for gifting them a new pair of sneakers or pajamas.

But in this house, we’ve always stuck to the birthday and Christmas gift giving mantra of: something you want, something you need, something to read, and something you wear.

Today, I went to Target to pick up the “something to wear” gift for my boys. I found a cool Batman long sleeve tee that I’m sure will be a hit as far as clothing for a three year old little boy goes. Want to know why I think its will be a hit? Because in addition to the tee, I’m sneaking in a little something something extra I found on the toy clearance shelf.

Sure, my three year old might be getting a fresh play shirt that he needs, but he’s also getting a Caped Crusader Batman action figure to play with while he sports his new top!

It softens the blow a little when it comes to unwrapping clothes on Christmas morning, don’t you think?

When he unwraps the shirt, I’m sure he’ll toss it aside (although here’s hoping he doesn’t, he might surprise me) and probably will go straight to the Batman toy.  And I’m hoping that getting this super hero action figure alongside his new top might encourage him and possibly inspire him to want to get dressed in the morning. You know, maybe to wear his new shirt?

Because you want to know a little dirty secret about my three year old? He would run around the house bare buns all day if I let him…

How about you? Do you give your kids clothes as gifts?  

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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