Solid Food Setbacks

I'm not so sure about this...

We’ve been doing solids for two weeks now, and I was so excited that we finally bit the bullet and got started.  The first week, I gave Cullen a mixture of oatmeal cereal and breast milk, which he seemed to love.  I was thrilled that we were off to a good start.

Last week we had a small setback.  I heard a strange noise coming through the baby monitor, and rushed up to find Cullen throwing up in his crib.  It scared both of us to death.  But he had no fever, his spirits seemed fine, and the next day he was back to normal.  We figured it was a stomach bug or perhaps too much food (solids plus milk after).  Then we had a second setback this morning…

I was eating my oatmeal for breakfast and Cullen seemed particularly grabby and interested.  I decided to mix up a little oatmeal for him so that we could eat together.  He opened wide and seemed to love it, just like he did before.  Shortly after he went down for another nap, and slept for a little over an hour.

When he woke up, he started coughing – something he doesn’t usually do very much.  It was a different cough, and he had a funny look on his face.  The next thing I knew, he was throwing up big globs of oatmeal cereal all over himself, and me.  Yikes.

Looking back, I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I decided that his stomach was probaby empty after throwing up the oatmeal, so I let him nurse.  He gulped down the milk like he always does, but the minute I sat him up in my lap he projectile vomited every ounce all over both of us. It was disgusting and pretty scary.

I called his pediatrician, who was surprised to hear he seems to be having an allergic reaction to oatmeal, as it’s typically such a low allergen food.  We talked about next steps for solids, and she said to scrap oatmeal from the options at this point, and move onto fruits and veggies.  Hopefully, we’re not looking at a gluten intolerance or something similar, but for now it’s too soon to tell.

I was so hesitant and overwhelmed by solids to begin with, and knowing that the food is making him sick definitely isn’t easing my fears.  Poor little guy.  Hope we get him to keep something down soon!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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