Something to Smile About

Want to know why I am smiling in this picture? Because those jeans just happen to be my skinniest pre-baby jeans. Want to know why I look like I need to pee? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

While I was taking my birthing classes the instructor said something that stuck with me. She was trying to prepare us for how different our bodies would be after the baby came. “It took you 9 months to get here, give your body at least that long to get back.” At the time, I sincerely hoped that it wouldn’t take me another 9 months for my body to return to it’s previous shape. That would be 18 long months of living in a body that was completely unfamiliar.

Right after the baby, I remember how good I felt. Within hours I was already the proud owner of legs that were far less swollen and a tummy that was half the size it had been. Ah, the progress! Unfortunately after that first week, regardless of any incremental changes, it felt like my body was the enemy. The unchanging, weak, and soft enemy.

I worked really semi hard to get back in shape. I watched what I ate, I tried to work out, I bought an elliptical machine, and I joined an exercise group. The weight slowly came off. In the last stretch, I honestly think that Tate’s increasing nursing demands have been what tipped the scales (excuse the pun).

I am just elated to feel like myself again.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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