You Need to Watch This Hilarious Footage of Babies Tasting Lemons

Well, I suppose there is something slightly sinister and maybe even creepy about the fact that grown-ups might get such a giant kick out of watching babies taste a lemon for the first time, but still.

We are who we are.

And besides, it’s not like anybody is blurring the lines of the game and trying this thing with Sriracha or anything, you know?

Which leads us to this really funny short film called, appropriately enough, Pucker. The work of Toronto photographers April Maciborka, 30, and David Wile, 33, is two-and-a-half minutes of pure messing with baby’s minds for the sake of grown-up entertainment.

But it’s also really really awesome.

See, parents have long known that giving a tiny person their first little taste of  a slice of lemon is one of life’s purest gifts — a wee bit of simple reward for all the long hours and hard nights and dirty diapers and crying jags.

Not that the whole lemon experiment is any kind of retribution or anything, because obviously it isn’t at all. It’s just that, as humans, we all know, deep down, that one of the most harmless but comical/communal experiences we all share in this world is the very first time, as kids, we touch our tongue to a certain brightly colored but oh-so-bitter fruit.

Anyway, it’s kind of hard to explain exactly why watching little people get their first taste of lemon is so charming and wonderful.

It just is.

And here is the film that proves it.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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