What Everybody Ought to Know About Spending Money on Babies

In a recent interview with US News, I was asked about the differences in spending with my first and fourth babies. Thinking back to how much I spent on my first child, our daughter – sickens me especially when compared to what we have spent on our fourth child Zeke.

Having a 16 month old when Zeke was born, we were able to save money with hand me downs. Even the items that weren’t shared, we realigned our thinking and priorities when compared to our first child and outrageous baby expenses. Case in point: nursery bedding. Our daughter had designer baby bedding that cost $400. Our baby Zeke’s entire nursery cost $350 (bedding included).  The several hundreds of dollars more that I spent on our first – now 9 years later just feels like wasted money.

I justified every purchase I made for our daughter, but the truth of the matter is I was a sucker for good marketing and the pursuit of cute. Those things I NEEDED like a new dress for photos, or hair bows for each outfit just aren’t practical – especially when you have 4 children.

While we all want what’s best for our children, the best is *get ready for it* LOVE.  I can see your eye roll now people. Yep, this blog has eyes and I KNOW how cliché of a statement – but I speak the truth people.

Don’t get suckered into the money trap. I still do every now and then, but am improving. My kids don’t need the best of everything. There are needs and there are wants. Focus on the needs and when those are fulfilled, start on the wants.

Remember, it’s not the baby years that are going to cost you – you’ll need that money when your babies are teenagers. 

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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