Spooky Baby.

Are you scared? You're going to be.

Like Hollywood is really going to listen to a regular old mom who goes about her regular old mom business, but a girl has to try right?

You see, Hollywood continues to make scary movies because certain masochists enjoy going to scary movies for ENTERTAINMENT.  My best friend is one of these people. She claims there are some movies she has been unable to sleep after or she has to wash her brain out with something like kittens and sunshine so she can continue on living a normal existence.

I choose not to watch scary movies. Mostly because I am a chicken but also because I like sleeping. A lot.

However Hollywood has a bad habit that I still fall victim to now and again.

(It’s worth clicking through folks, I have proof.)

Hollywood? Babies and kids are creepy enough without you digitally altering their faces and then showing previews on daytime television while I am running about doing my regular ol’ duties. I don’t know how many times I’ve been watching a show only to have a little kid start singing a creepy little tune, or a baby start levitating on some preview for your crappy horror movie.


Do you have any idea what it is like to finally get your baby to sleep at 3 am, back out of her room silently only to bump into your older kid who was apparently STARING AT YOU THE WHOLE TIME which then causes you to scream, slam the door and smack the older kid in the head because obviously the best way to get a zombie child to go away is smack it?

Obviously you have NO IDEA about this or you would quit with the whole creepy kids in movies bit.

I don’t even watch scary movies, but the other night while staring at my sleeping baby through the video monitor?


I’m shaking my head at you Hollywood.

Babies and kids are creepy enough in their own little twisted ways.

Don’t antagonize them. Or me.

I can be scary too.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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