Spring Cleaning: 10 Inspiring Ideas For Organizing the Nursery

Last week I reached out to some really inspiring bloggers to share tips on how they stay organized with baby. It got me thinking about new ways to organize the nursery and spruce up my own skills. From toys to baby clothes, it can really feel like that little sweet bundle is taking over every inch of the home. After reading through the tips from the featured bloggers, I started a Pinterest board to motivate myself. As always! Not that I really need any motivation, but I love seeing new ideas and making them come to life in our space. The warmer weather should hopefully start soon, which means my weekends will be filled with Spring cleaning, purging, decorating, etc. Especially since we are still un-packing into our new house. Nursery included. So who’s with me and ready to start organizing today?

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    organized nursery

    Click-through 10 ideas, tips and inspiration to get organized inside the nursery! 

  • Use Furniture Wisely 2 of 11


    Using furniture in the nursery in many different ways is key. A dresser, like the one above, could also be used as a place to store diapers, toys, or other clutter items you don't want to always see not just baby clothes. Clutter-free is the way to go! 

    Image via Fresh Quince 

  • Make the Most of Space 3 of 11

    If you don't have a closet or the closet is small, try a armoire and make the most of the space inside. Since baby clothes don't hang low, add shelves to the bottom and organize with baskets and boxes that you can easily label to find things quickly. Added bonus -- it looks so pretty in the room! 

    Image via Sarah Klassen 


  • Over the Door Storage 4 of 11

    I love over the door storage! They may be made for shoes but they work great in many ways. In the nursery you can store all of those tiny baby things -- nail clippers, baby brush, socks, etc. Create labels for each section to keep things where they belong. If you need more storage, this works perfect! 

    Image via Project Nursery 

  • Go Label Crazy 5 of 11

    Creating labels for all storage inside the nursery helps everyone in the house -- older siblings too! Our house rule is "everything has it's place." For example, my littles created a "shoe home" for all of our shoes by the front door that is hidden in a cabinet. By labeling basket you are more than likely to stay more organized by making sure everything is in its place. 

    Image via BabyCenter

  • Hide It 6 of 11

    Hide the storage! Put all the baby "things" in places where you can't see them so you don't clutter up the space. Purchasing storage containers that can roll out from under the crib is a good for keeping everything at your fingertips. Store diapers that you aren't currently using or clothes that are too big. 

    Image via The Lovely Lark 

  • Drawer Dividers 7 of 11
    DSC_0865 copy

    Baby clothes, socks, onesies -- all the little things can quickly become one big ball of chaos inside the dresser. Use drawer dividers to keep things inside orgnaized so you aren't sorting and hunting for what you need. 

    Image via I Heart Organizing 

  • Remove the Closet Doors 8 of 11

    Exposed closets are one of my favorite design elements inside a nursery. A simple solution to the doors swinging wide inside the nursery -- take the doors off and hang curtains. It will spruce up the room instantly. 

    Image via Young House Love 

  • Create a Pretty Storage Space 9 of 11

    Place baskets on the book shelf for added storage for items like nursery linens -- crib sheets, blankets, burp cloths and decorative pillows. 

    Image via Four Walls and A Roof


  • Get Creative 10 of 11
    minnesota.atlantapics 170

    The most important thing to remember is get creative by thinking outside of the box. Just because you need storage containers doesn't mean you need to go to the organization department of Target. Various household items can be used in the nursery too! Like spice racks to show-off books. I am swooning over these sacs, labeled with safety pin word art on hand made cloth diapers. Now that is thinking outside of the box. 

    Image via The Polo House

  • Sort by Size 11 of 11

    Sort all of the baby clothes you aren't using by size, label the baskets and store them away. The biggest challenge is to remember  less is more and store, store, store away. You don't need all of the clothes inside the dresser at one time. Instead, place the essentials in the dresser and organize the rest in growth. 

    Image via Apartment Therapy 

Stay tuned……I plan to share my favorite, oh-so-pretty storage containers and things I use to keep the nursery organized.

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