Springtime Makes Me a Better Mother

motherI have four children and each one of them have been born in the winter season. I used to think it was the perfect situation — being heavily pregnant where I could wear leggings and sweaters v. tank tops and shorts. I didn’t have to seek out air conditioning when my own internal oven was baking so hot, and that postpartum period wasn’t going to include me fighting to squeeze into something appropriate to wear outside.

I obviously haven’t been pregnant or a new mother at any other season, and despite my best efforts to space it out a bit, I thought I was lucky to have it all work out this way.

But I’m not so sure of that anymore. I wonder if those first six weeks with a new baby that I find very challenging would be easier if I wasn’t bringing home a winter baby. I’ll never really know for sure, but what I do know is when the winter season is behind me and the spring air hits, I am a much better mother.

I am happier thanks to the sunshine and fresh air. Being able to get outside and out of the house is great for my mood. I also find Silver to be happier (and my other kids were as a baby too) because we’re able to go for walks and strolls out, and guess what happens then?

He finally naps and he sleeps so much better.

While I can see the benefits of a winter baby and realize I can’t ever really know for sure (unless in the future I do have a baby born in the springtime), I’m calling spring the best time to have a baby.

What is your favorite season to have a newborn or young infant? Share in the comments!

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Devan is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and four kids. No, those aren’t her kids real names — they’re online pseudonyms.  Read more from Devan on Babble and “like” byDevan on Facebook!  

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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