Squash, Sweet Peas And Pears — Oh My!

It was a terribly blustery day today, which is how it came to be 5PM with Huck and I still in our pajayjays not having seen the sun in person or felt the kiss of fresh air on our cheeks.

In a desperate attempt to say we got out of the house, I threw on a coat and slapped a beanie on Huck’s bald head and together we were out the door, destination absolutely nowhere.

A few blocks into our spring-time aimless wandering the weather turned straight treacherous, so we ducked into the first doorway we could find. It happened to be the Whole Foods, which was fortuitous, because just the other day I was wondering to myself with a sense of foreboding about whether it was time for me to research baby food options.

According to nearly everybody, six months means SOLIDS. And how. But with Huck’s sixth month looming on the horizon (where did my baby go?!?), I am still feeling apprehensive. As I stood there in the baby food aisle, I couldn’t shake the notion that it all seemed so unnecessary. Why the rush? Why can’t I introduce solids as Huck seems interested, in a natural way (here, I’m holding a banana, you seem interested, want some?) rather than on some strict timetable?

Luckily, it turns out science may be backing me up on this one.

New research is showing that delaying solids has a positive impact on the occurrence of food allergies and on childhood obesity rates. The new recommendation is that parents wait until baby is between six and nine months of age to introduce solids (source, source).

Then my mother spilled the beans: she waited 11 months to introduce me to solids. Eleven months! I just checked and, shoot, I seem fine! And I have always, always been a very healthy eater , at a very healthy weight, without a single food-related allergy. Coincidence? Probably, but you never know.

Huck has his six-month well visit in a few weeks, and I intend to bring up the matter with his pediatrician. But so far, and barring any medical intervention and/or Huck demonstrating that he is really ready and I need to get with the program, I am thinking we may be not be pushing Huck to a solids regimen just yet. Oh sure, I may give him a nibble of a banana here or there, or a finger full of avocado once or twice (I am dying to see how he’ll react to trying these new things), but I am thinking . . . maybe in month seven we’ll make this a priority? Or even month eight? (Month nine? Is that pushing it?)

When did you introduce your babies to solids? And how did you know they were ready?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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