Stockings Are Stuffed (With Babies!)

This fun slideshow of baby’s in gift boxes from earlier this week got me thinking how fun it is to commermorate a baby’s first Christmas with a gift-centered photo shoot.

These adorable photos of babies in stockings are such a cute way to celebrate a new family member!

Check out the cutest pictures of babies all sweetly stuffed in a stocking …






  • Happy Baby 1 of 14
    Happy Baby
    Who wouldn't want and find this babe waiting for you?
    Photo Credit: 1happycorner
  • New Gift 2 of 14
    New Gift
    There is no sweeter gift than a newborn
    Photo Credit: Adriano Batti
  • Reaching Out 3 of 14
    Reaching Out
    I love that this grinning babe is reaching lovingly to the photographer.
    Photo Found: Pinterest
  • Sweet Dreams 4 of 14
    Sweet Dreams
    You can recreate this image with your little one!
    Buy the stocking and cap on Etsy
    Photo Credit: Snails and Pigtails Photography
  • Snuggly Babe 5 of 14
    Snuggly Babe
    Crochet this stocking at home!
    Find the free pattern at Redheart
  • Peaceful Slumber 6 of 14
    Peaceful Slumber
    Buy this set for your own photo op.
    Buy the stocking and cap on Etsy
    Photo Credit: Melissa Treen Photography
  • Sweet Smiles 7 of 14
    Sweet Smiles
    Nothing like a capturing a brand new babe with a smile on their lips.
    Photo Credit: Grace & Joy Photography
  • Newborn Bundle 8 of 14
    Newborn Bundle
    Who doesn't love a sweet round newborn all bundled up?
    Photo Credit: Krissi Allori Photography
  • Merry and Bright 9 of 14
    Merry and Bright
    What a fun stocking for a photo!
    Buy the stocking on Etsy
    Photo Credit: Campbell Girl Photographer
  • At the Nursery 10 of 14
    At the Nursery
    Look at all these Christmas babies!
    Photo Credit: Jeff Gritchen
  • On the Hook 11 of 14
    On the Hook
    No babies were harmed in the shooting of this photo! Daddy was lying under the baby with open arms in case of a mishap.
    Photo Credit: Sunny Melon Photography
  • Sports Fan 12 of 14
    Sports Fan
    I think Dads everywhere could get into this kind of photo op!
    Photo Credit: Brittany Lane
  • Brand New 13 of 14
    Brand New
    Here's another brand new bundle of joy snuggled in a stocking! Sort of makes me wish we had a December baby.
    Photo Credit: WXII12
  • Stocking Stuffer 14 of 14
    Stocking Stuffer
    You can't go wrong with a big stocking and a cute baby!
    Photo Credit: M. Hamilton

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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