The 5 Types of Strollers I’ve Had as a Mom of Two

Photo Credit: Kevin Poh/Flickr
Photo Credit: Kevin Poh/Flickr

When I got my second stroller I thought it was ridiculous. Why not buy the right one the first time? I learned the hard way that it just doesn’t work like that. So annoying. Here’s what we have:

1.  The Fancy Stroller

It’s my babysitter’s favorite because the handles adjust to her tall self. It can also hold a load of groceries in the bottom. Sandy used to ride in this one, and I’d wear Clementine on my chest. It can go over all terrain and paid itself off in the snow as well as when we took it to New Mexico. It also kept the girls very warm and cozy in the winter. However, it doesn’t fold well and it’s impossible on the subway or bus. It’s the first stroller I’m getting rid of (with my babysitter’s blessing).

2.  The Double Stroller

Also known as “The Bus.” It’s huge and people stare; its enormity was necessary to allow both babies to fully recline and sleep (should sleeping ever occur). The babies could both be faced out, faced forward, or faced toward each other (their favorite). I used it mainly last summer to walk around the neighborhood or to go to the flea market and grocery shop.  Two gallons of milk and a few groceries fit in the bottom — that’s as independent as I could get, and damn it I was proud to walk out of the grocery store with my babies and groceries on my own. Asia used it mainly for family visits at the foster agency. Needless to say, it can’t be used on the bus or subway. It can fold up to be put in the trunk of the car, but it’s a spectacle to do so. I’m getting rid of this one after a trial period with stroller No. 5.

3. The $14 Umbrella Stroller

This is the only way to travel with just one baby on a bus or subway. It’ll probably fall apart, however, if attempting to walk more than a few blocks. Our babysitter can’t use it because it’s so short.

4. The Fancy Umbrella Stroller

It’s still an umbrella stroller, just more heavy-duty. It’s good for walking long distances with just one baby. It can be used on the bus or subway, but people will pity you and ask if you need help. This is currently our babysitter’s favorite.

So what on earth can stroller No. 5 be?!

5. The Much Lighter Double Stroller

It’s a much lighter double stroller — a $500 one that I actually found on Craigslist for $100, brand new. It’s basically just an umbrella stroller with a little bench in the back for Sandy to sit on. She’ll also have the option to stand (which I’m guessing she’ll relish). It folds well, the bar is high for our babysitter, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to take the bus on our own (the subway stairs with two toddlers are still a few years away)!

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